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date type registration operator fat. location   pic cat
??-AUG-2009Antonov An-24RV UK-46658 Uzbekistan Airways 0 Zarafshan Ai...   A1
19-OCT-2006Antonov An-2TP UK-70152 Uzbekistan Airways 15 near Aranchi   A1
13-JAN-2004Yakovlev Yak-40 UK-87985 Uzbekistan Airways 37 Tashkent Air...   A1
09-APR-2003Yakovlev Yak-40 UK-87367 Uzbekistan Airways 0 Urgench Airp... A1
26-AUG-1999Yakovlev Yak-40 UK-87848 Uzbekistan Airways 2 near Turtkul Airport   A1
17-JUN-1995Antonov An-2R UK-33058 Uzbekistan Airways near Nukus   A1
13-AUG-1994Antonov An-24   Uzbekistan AF   U1
23-NOV-1991Antonov An-2R CCCP-81545 Aeroflot, Uzbekistan 2 near Komsomolsk-n...   A1
23-MAR-1991Antonov An-24RV CCCP-46472 Aeroflot, Uzbekistan 34 Navoi Airpor... A1
16-JAN-1987Yakovlev Yak-40 CCCP-87618 Aeroflot, Uzbekistan 9 Tashkent-Yuz...   A1
10-JUL-1985Tupolev Tu-154B-2 CCCP-85311 Aeroflot, Uzbekistan 200 near Uchkuduk A1
09-SEP-1982Antonov An-2R CCCP-62663 Aeroflot, Ukraine 0 Khorezm region   A1
09-SEP-1981Antonov An-2R CCCP-07601 Aeroflot, Privolzhsk 0 Namangan region   A1
08-SEP-1981Tupolev Tu-154B-2 CCCP-85448 Aeroflot, Uralsk 0 Tashkent Air...   O1
19-DEC-1978Antonov An-24B CCCP-46299 Aeroflot, Uzbekistan 5 near Samarkand Ai...   A1
16-AUG-1978Antonov An-2TP CCCP-40545 Aeroflot, Uzbekistan 0 near Nukus   A1
27-SEP-1977Antonov An-2R CCCP-33254 Aeroflot, Uzbekistan 0 Samarkand Re...   A1
21-JUL-1977Antonov An-2R CCCP-44617 Aeroflot, Uzbekistan 0 near Kungrad   A1
10-JUN-1977Antonov An-2R CCCP-55735 Aeroflot, Uzbekistan 0 near Bukhara   A1
18-MAR-1977Antonov An-2R CCCP-09191 Aeroflot, Uzbekistan 2 near Forish   A1
??-DEC-1976Ilyushin Il-18V LZ-BEL Balkan Bulgarian Tashkent Air... O1
30-OCT-1976Ilyushin Il-18V CCCP-75575 Aeroflot, Uzbekistan 0 Tashkent Air...   A1
14-JUL-1976Lisunov Li-2 CCCP-13369 MAP Kazan APO 0 Tashkent-Yuz...   A1
15-DEC-1975Antonov An-12B CCCP-11005 Aeroflot, Yakutsk 0 Fergana Airp...   A1
23-JUL-1975Antonov An-2R CCCP-70235 Aeroflot, Tajikistan 0 near Termez   A1
14-DEC-1974Yakovlev Yak-40 CCCP-87630 Aeroflot, Tajikistan 7 Bukhara Airp...   A1
24-JUN-1974Ilyushin Il-18E CCCP-75405 Aeroflot, Uzbekistan 1 near Tashkent-Yuz...   A1
19-MAY-1974Antonov An-2SX CCCP-25487 Aeroflot, Uzbekistan 0 Samarkand re...   A1
15-SEP-1973Antonov An-2R CCCP-32213 Aeroflot, Privolzhsk 0 Samarkand re...   A1
09-DEC-1971Antonov An-2 CCCP-33164 Aeroflot, Uzbekistan 0 within Tashkent Region   A1
05-SEP-1970Antonov An-2R CCCP-28952 Aeroflot, West Siberia 2 near Dzharkishlak   A1
20-AUG-1970Antonov An-2R CCCP-15238 Aeroflot, Uzbekistan 0 Namangan Region   A1
05-JUN-1970Ilyushin Il-18V CCCP-75533 Aeroflot, Uzbekistan 0 Samarkand Ai...   A1
06-FEB-1970Ilyushin Il-18V CCCP-75798 Aeroflot, Uzbekistan 92 near Samarkand Ai...   A1
14-JAN-1966Antonov An-2 CCCP-02185 Aeroflot, Uzbekistan 11 near Shamurat, Nu...   A1
01-JUN-1963Antonov An-2T CCCP-98275 Aeroflot, Uzbekistan 0 Urgench   O1
06-JUL-1962Ilyushin Il-14 CCCP-91554 Aeroflot, Uzbekistan 11 near Tashkent Air...   A1
17-SEP-1961Tupolev Tu-104A CCCP-42388 Aeroflot, Uzbekistan 0 Tashkent Air...   A1
13-DEC-1959Ilyushin Il-14P CCCP-91577 Aeroflot, Uzbekistan 30 near Boysun, Surk...   A1
23-DEC-1958Ilyushin Il-14 CCCP-61663 Aeroflot, Uzbekistan 21 near Tashkent-Yuz...   A1
20-JAN-1957Lisunov Li-2 CCCP-L4591 Aeroflot, Uzbekistan 0 Bukhara Airp...   A1
09-FEB-1951Lisunov Li-2 CCCP-L4821 Aeroflot, Uzbekistan 0 Tashkent Air...   A1
12-MAR-1949Lisunov Li-2 CCCP-L4335 Aeroflot, Tajikistan 11 Mount Bel-Auty   A1
14-DEC-1942Tupolev ANT-20bis CCCP-L760 Aeroflot, Uzbekistan 36 near Tashkent   A1
08-DEC-1942Lisunov Li-2 CCCP-L5805 Aeroflot, Uzbekistan 8 Mount Menshy...   A1
14-MAR-1941Tupolev G-2 CCCP-L1496 Aeroflot, Uzbekistan 6 near Begovat   A1

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