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Operator index for United States of America
 A list of aircraft operators that have that have suffered an accident, serious incident or hijacking. The list may also contain defunct airlines or airlines that in the meantime have changed their name or have merged.

40-Mile Air
Aaxico Airlines (Aaxico = American Air Export and Import Company; merged into Saturn)
ACE Air Cargo
Advance Aviation Inc
Aerial Transit Company (presumably ceased operations ca 1991)
Aero Air LLC
Aero Bieke (AOC revoked, August 12, 1997)
Aero Flight Services
Aero Jet Services
Aero Union
Aero Virgin Islands - AVI
Aeromarine Airways
Aeromedevac Air Ambulance
Aeronaut Air Services
AeroSmith Aviation
Aerovias Sud Americana (sold to Airlift International, 1963)
Air America (Covertly owned and operated by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA))
Air America Flight Services
Air California (acquired by American Airlines in 1987)
Air Cargo Carriers
Air Cargo Express
Air Cargo Hawaii
Air Cargo Transport
Air Caribbean
Air Carrier Transport
Air Carriers Express Services Inc
Air Carriers Inc.
Air Central
Air Choice One
Air Continental
Air Del
Air East
Air East Management
Air Flamenco
Air Florida
Air Illinois
Air Indiana (National Jet Services was doing business as Air Indiana)
Air Micronesia (renamed Continental Micronesia)
Air Midwest
Air New England
Air New Orleans
Air North (Yukon Air Service)
Air O'Hare
Air Pacific
Air Pony Express
Air Resorts Airlines
Air Response North (renamed Global Air Response)
Air Saint Thomas (known as Virgin Air until 1984)
Air South (acquired by Florida Airlines)
Air Sunshine
Air Tahoma
Air Taxis Inc.
Air Traders International
Air Transport Associates (ceased operations, presumably about 1957)
Air Transport Inc.
Air Transport International - ATI
Air Trine Inc (ceased operations, presumably about 1977)
Air US (started as US Aviation, renamed Air US in 1977; renamed Excellair, 1985)
Air Wisconsin (merged with Mississippi Valley Airlines in 1985)
Air-Lift Commuter
Airborne Express (known as Airborne Express since 1980; acquired by DHL in 2003)
Airborne Transport
Aircraft Charter Group Inc
Aircraft Pool Leasing Corp.
Airgo Air Freight
Airlift International (founded as Riddle Airlines; renamed Airlift in 1965)
Airline Transport Carriers
AirNet Systems (renamed AirNet Express after merger with Flight Express)
AirTran Airways (merged with Southwest Airlines, 2014)
Airvantage (probably ceased operations about 1996)
Alaska Aeronautical Industries
Alaska Air Fuel
Alaska Air Taxi
Alaska Airlines
Alaska Central Express
Alaska Coastal-Ellis Airlines (taken over by Alaska Airlines in April 1968)
Alaska International Air (founded as Interior Airways, renamed Markair)
Alaska Seaplanes
Alaska West Air
Alaskan Air Charter
Albatross Adventures
All American Airways (founded as All American Aviation; renamed All American Airways in 1949, renamed Allegheny Airlines in 1952, USAir in 1979, and US Airways in 1996)
All West Freight
Allcair Air Transport (ceased operations about 1993)
Allegheny Air Cargo
Allegheny Airlines (founded as All American Aviation; renamed All American Airways in 1949, renamed Allegheny Airlines in 1952, USAir in 1979, and US Airways in 1996)
Allegheny Commuter (became USAir Express)
Allegiant Air
Alliance Air Charter
Allied Air Freight
Aloha Air Cargo (separated from Aloha Airlines)
Aloha Airlines
Aloha IslandAir (known as Princeville Airways until 1987; renamed Island Air 1992)
Alpine Aviation (aka Alpine Air)
Altair Airlines
Amazon Air
America West Airlines (merged with US Airways)
America West Express (branded as US Airways Express)
American Air Freight
American Air Network
American Air Transport
American Airlines
American Airways (renamed American Air Lines, 1934)
American Aviation
American Corporate Aviation
American Eagle (A collection of unrelated regional carriers with contracts to carry the American Eagle brand name.)
American Eagle Airlines (Merger between Flagship Airlines, Wings West Airlines and Simmons Airlines to form American Eagle Airlines)
American Export Airlines
American Flyers Airline
American International Airways
American Jet
American Jet International
American Jets, Inc.
American Overseas Airlines (merged into Pan American)
American Trans Air
AmericanConnection (previously Trans World Express)
Ameristar Jet Charter
Apache Airlines
Arctic Circle Air Service (bought by Era Alaska)
Arctic Guide
Arctic Pacific
Arctic Transportation Services (named Ryan Air until shutdown in 1988; restarted as Arctic Transportation Services and renamed back to Ryan Air, 2010)
Argonaut Airways
Argosy Air Lines
Argosy Airlines
Ark-Air Flight Inc.
Arnold Air Service
Arrow Air
Arute International Air
Aspen Airways (acquired by Mesa Airlines and Air Wisconsin)
Aspen Aviation
Associated Air Transport
ASTAR Air Cargo
Atlantic & Pacific Airlines
Atlantic Air Cargo
Atlantic Airmotive
Atlantic Central Airlines
Atlantic City Airlines
Atlantic Coast Airlines (renamed Independence Air, 2004)
Atlantic Southeast Airlines - ASA (merged with ExpressJet)
Atlas Air
Atorie Air
AVAir (founded as Air Virginia, renamed AVAir in 1984, merged into Nashville Eagle, 1988)
Avery Aviation
Aviation Charter
Aviation Enterprises
Aviation Jet Charters
Aviation Services
Aviex Jet
Avion Airways
Avjet Corp
Baker Aviation
Balair Inc
Bald Mountain Air Services
Banyan Jet Service
Bar Harbor Airlines
Barber Aviation
Barckley Airlines
Barkin International Aviation
Baron Aviation
Bemidji Airlines
Bering Air
Berry Aviation
Best AeroNet Aviation
Beta Aire
Biegert Aviation
BIF Air Inc
Bighorn Airways
Bimini Island Air
Bird & Sons
Bishop Aviation
Bluegrass Aviation Partners
Boeing Air Transport
Bohlke International Airways
Bomac Air
Bonanza Air Lines (merged with Pacific Air Lines and West Coast Airlines to form Air West)
Borinquen Air
Boston-Maine Airways (became Northeast Airlines, 1940)
Bradley Aviation
Braniff International Airways
Britt Airways
Brooks Air Fuel
Bruning Aviation
Burke Air Transport
Burlington Air Express (until 1986 known as Burlington Northern Air Freight; renamed BAX Global in 1997)
Bush Air
Bush Aviation
Business Air Connection
Business Express Airlines (Founded as Atlantic Air in 1982; renamed 1985; operations were transferred to American Eagle 2000)
Business Jet Services
Cable Commuter
California Air Charter (merged in 1971 with United Couriers to form Ameriflight)
California Air Freight
California Air Tours
California Airmotive Corp.
California Arrow Airlines
California Eastern Airways (also referred to as California Eastern Airlines or -Aviation)
Cape Air
Capital Airlines (merged into United Airlines in 1961)
Capital City Jet Center
Capitol Airways (also known as Capitol International Airways)
Carib-Air Cargo
Caribair (known as Caribbean Atlantic Airlines until 1948)
Caribbean Air Cargo
Caribbean Air Services
Caribbean Atlantic Airlines (renamed Caribair, 1948)
Caribbean Aviation
Caribbean-American Airlines
Carnival Air Lines
Carolina Aircraft Corp.
Carson Helicopters
Cascade Airways
Castle Aviation
Catalina-Vegas Airlines
Catskill Airways
CCAir (named Sunbird Airlines from 1979 until 1987)
Cen-Tex Airlines
Centennial Airlines
Central Air Services
Central Airlines (Sold and merged into Frontier Airlines on October 1, 1967.)
Central American Airways
Centurion Air Cargo
Chalk's International Airlines (between 1999 and 2006 known as Chalk's Ocean Airways)
Chalk's Ocean Airways (until 1999 and after 2006 known as Chalk's International Airlines)
Chamberlin Flying Service
Channel Air Lift
Chaparral Airlines
Charter One
Chautauqua Airlines (absorbed by the Shuttle America)
Chicago & Southern Airlines
Chrysler Aviation
Churchill Aviation
Clay Lacy Aviation
Coastal Air Lines
Coastal Airways
Coastal Cargo
Colgan Air
Colonial Air Transport
Colonial Airlines
Colonial Western Airlines
Columbia Air Cargo
Columbia Pacific Airlines
Colvin Aviation Inc.
Comair/Delta Connection
Combs Airways (founded as Montana Aircraft Company, renamed 1968)
Command Airways (purchased by AMR Corporation in 1988 and renamed Flagship Airlines)
Command Aviation
Commercial Air Freight Inc
Compass Airlines
Compass Aviation LLC
Conner Air Lines
Connie Kalitta Services (since 1985: American International Airways, Inc dba Connie Kalitta Services; merged with Kitty Hawk, 1997)
Conquest Air Cargo
Consolidated Air
Continental Air Lines (aka Continental Airlines; merged with United Airlines in 2012)
Continental Air Services, Inc. - CASI (Provided contract air support to US Government activities in a.o. Laos)
Continental Air Transport
Continental Aviation Services
Continental Charters
Continental Connection (merged into Continental Express in 2012)
Continental Express
Continental Jet Corp.
Contract Air Cargo
CorpJet (Baltimore Air Transport, dba CorpJet)
Corporate Air
Corporate Air Inc
Corporate Air Services
Corporate Airlines (started as Corporate Express Airlines; then Corporate Airlines from 1998 to 2004 and then RegionsAir)
Corporate Flight International
Corporate Jets (renamed CJ Systems Aviation Group, 2001)
Corsair Aviation Holdings Inc
Country Flyin
Crystal Air and Aviation
Crystal Aviation
Currey Air Transport
Curtiss-Wright Flying Service
Custom Air Service
Dancing Wind Aviation
DB Aviation
DDH Aviation
Deer Horn Aviation
Delaware Air Freight
Delta Air Lines
Delta Connection
Delta Private Jets
Denver Air Connection (part of key Lime Air)
DePonti Aviation Company
Desert Air Transport
Dexter Air
DHL Airways (renamed ASTAR Air Cargo May 2003)
DMC Flying Service
Dodita Air Cargo
Dolphin Airways
Dolphin Aviation
Dolphin Express Airlines
Downeast Airlines (founded as Mid-Coast Airways, renamed 1968)
DP Air
Duncan Aviation
Dynamic International Airways
Eagle Air Cargo
Eagle Air Freight
Eagle Air Transport
Eagle Airlines
Eagle Wings Air Service
East Coast Aviation Services
East Coast Jet Center
East Coast Jets
East Coast Leasing
Eastern Air Express
Eastern Air Lines
Eastern Air Transport (renamed Eastern Air Lines)
Eastern Airlines (formerly known as Dynamic Airways)
Eastern Metro Express Airlines
Eastwind Airlines
Edde Airlines
EHR Aviation Inc.
Emery Worldwide
Empire Airlines
Endeavor Air (formerly Express Airlines I, Pinnacle Airlines; renamed to Endeavor Air on August 1st, 2013)
Envoy Air (American Eagle Airlines until 2014)
Era Alaska
ERA Aviation (Merged with Frontier Alaska Group, Frontier Flying Service, Hageland into Era Alaska)
ERA Helicopters
ERA-Jet Alaska
ETG Aviation LLC
Evergreen Air
Evergreen Helicopters
Evergreen International Airlines
Evergreen International Aviation
Everts Air Cargo
Everts Air Fuel
Executive Air Charter (renamed Executive Airlines in 1990)
Executive Aircraft Corporation
Executive Airlines (operates flights in behalf of American Eagle)
Executive AirShare
Executive Aviation
Executive Beechcraft, Inc.
Executive Business Aviation Inc
Executive Jet Aviation (became NetJets)
Executive Jet Sales
Express Airlines
Express Airlines I (became Pinnacle Airlines)
Express One International
Express.net Airlines
ExpressJet Airlines
Fairbanks Air Service (renamed Great Northern Airlines, 1976)
Fairways Corp.
Falcon Airways Inc.
Falcon Jet Corp
FBN Flying Service
Federal Express (renamed FedEx, 1994)
FedEx (renamed FedEx Express, 2000)
FedEx Express
Ferreteria e Implementos San Francisco
Fine Air (merged into Arrow Air,)
First Air Jet Charter
Fischer Brothers Aviation (bought by Midway and renamed Midway Connection)
FL Aviation Group Inc.
Flagship Airlines (merger between Flagship Airlines, Wings West Airlines and Simmons Airlines to form American Eagle Airlines)
Flamenco Airways
Fleming International Airways
Flight Development, LLC
Flight Management Inc.
Flight Options
Flite Services
Florida Air Cargo
Florida Aircraft Leasing
Florida Airways International Inc.
Florida Commuter Airlines (became Southern Airlines)
Florida National Airways
Fly by Night Safaris
Flying Enterprises Inc.
Flying Tiger Line (1989: Federal Express merged Flying Tigers into its operations)
Flying W Airways
Ford Air Freight Lines
Foreman Flying Service
Frank Ambrose Aviation
Freedom Air
Freight Air
Freight Runners Express
Fromhagen Aviation
Frontier Airlines
Frontier Airlines (FL)
Frontier Airways
Frontier Flying Service (Merged with Frontier Alaska Group, Hageland, Era Aviation into Era Alaska)
Frontline Aviation
FS Air Service
GAF International Service
Galaxy Airlines (Ceased operating 21 MAR 1986; Deficient operations and maintenance procedures and financially unfit.)
Gama Aviation Signature
Gee Bee Aero Inc
Gem Air
Gemini Air Group
General Airlines
General Airways
General Aviation Inc.
General Transportation Co
Georgia Jet
Gifford Aviation
Global Aviation (Air Castle, dba Global Aviation)
Global Exec Aviation
Global International Airways
Go Transportation
GoJet Airlines
Golden Airways
Golden Eagle Aviation
Golden North Airways
Golden West Airlines
Golden Wings Aviation Inc.
Gorda Aero Service
Goship Air
GP Aviation LLC
GP Express Airlines
Grand Aire Express
Grand Canyon Airlines
Grant Aviation
Grasshopper Aviation
Great Lakes Airlines
Great Lakes Airlines (1)
Great Northern Airlines (named Fairbanks Air Service until 1976)
Greatland Air Cargo
Groth Air
Gulf & Caribbean Cargo
Gulf Transportation Co.
Hageland Aviation Services (merged with Frontier Alaska Group, Frontier Flying Service, Era Aviation into Era Alaska)
Hampton Island Aviation
Hanford's Tri-State Airlines (renamed Mid-Continent Airlines)
Hansa Jet Corp.
Hansen Air Activities
Happy Hours Air Travel Club
Harbor Airlines
Harolds Air Service
Hartzog Aviation
Hawaiian Airlines
Hawk Flight
Hawthorne Nevada Airlines
Heidi Aviation
Hemet Valley Flying Service
Henson Airlines (rebranded Piedmont Airlines, 1993)
Hermens Air
Hertrich Aviation
Hi-Tech Helicopters
Homer Air
Honaker Aviation
Hondu Carib Cargo
Hop-A-Jet Inc
Horizon Air
Horizon Air Service
Hughes Airwest (named AirWest until 1970; purchased by Republic Airlines in 1979)
Hughes Charter Air
Hummingbird Air
IBC Airways
Imperial Airlines (until 1960 known as Regina Cargo Airlines; ceased about 1962)
Independent Air
Inter Air
Inter Continental Air Transport
Inter-Continental Airways
Interamerica Air Lease
Intercontinental Aircraft Lease
Interior Airways (renamed Alaska International Air)
International Aerodyne
International Air Freight
International Air Service
International Aircraft Services
International Jet Center
Interstate Helicopters
Island Air Service
Island Airlines
Island Airlines Hawaii (formerly Princeville Airways)
Island Airlines LLC
Island Airways
ISR Aviation LLC
Jeffy Jet
Jet America International
Jet Avia
Jet Charter Group
Jet East
Jet Express
Jet Express Services
Jet Fleet
Jet International
Jet Management
Jet One Express
Jet Power
Jet Services
Jet Shares LLC
Jet Travel
Jet Way Enterprises
Jet Wings
JetBlue Airways
Jetco Aviation International
Jetcraft Corp.
Jetstream Inc.
Jetstream International Airlines (named Vee Neal Airlines until 1983 and renamed PSA in 1995)
Jim Hankins Air Service
JJ Aeronautics
Johnson Flying Service
Joluk Air
K&K Aircraft (renamed Dynamic Aviation in 2000)
Kalitta Air (took over operations when Kitty Hawk International ceased operations)
Kalitta American International Airways
Kalitta Charters
Kansas City Southern Skyways
KDD Aviation
Kennedy Flite Center
Ketchikan Air Service
Ketchum Air Service
Key Lime Air
Keystone Aviation
Kimex Inc
Kinney Air Tankers
Kitty Hawk Aircargo
Kitty Hawk International
Knowles Flying Service
Kodiak Aviation
Korda Kentucky Leasing
L'Express Airlines
Lake & Peninsula Airlines
Lake Central Airlines (merged into Allegheny Airlines)
Lake Clark Air
Lake Clark Air Services
Landry Aviation
Laredo Air
Latin Air Service
Legion Express
Lisa Flite Corporation
Lisa Jet
Liston Aircraft
Lone Star Airlines
Lynden Air Cargo
M Air Inc.
M&F Inc.
M&M Air
M&N Aviation
Mackey International Airlines
Maddux Airlines
Majestic Air Cargo
Makani Kai Air
Marco Island Airways
MarkAir (founded as Interior Airways)
MarkAir Express
Marlin Air
Martin Aviation
Martinair Inc.
Matrix Aviation
Mavrik Aire
Maxfly Aviation
Maxson Aviation
McCall Aviation
McCollum Aviation
McNeely Charter Service
MD Air Services
Med Air LLC
Memly Aviation
Mercer Airlines
Merlin Express (renamed Merlin Airways)
Mesa Airlines
Mesaba Airlines (merged with Pinnacle Airlines, 2012)
Meteor Air Transport
Metro Airlines
Metro Aviation
Miami Air International
Miami Air Lease
Miami Airline
Miami Aviation
Miami Valley Aviation
Micronesian Airlines
Mid Pacific Airlines
Mid-Atlantic Freight
Mid-Atlantic Jet Charter
Mid-Continent Airlines (taken over by Braniff in 1952)
Midamerica Jet
Middletown Corporate Aviation
Mideastern Airways
Midway Connection (formerly Fischer Brothers Aviation)
Midwest Air Charter
Midwest Express (renamed Midwest Airlines, 2003 and merged with Frontier Airlines, 2011)
Millers Aviation
Million Air
Million Air Dallas
Millon Air
Mississippi Valley Airlines - MVA (merged with Air Wisconsin in 1985)
Modern Air Transport
Mohawk Airlines (purchased by Allegheny Airlines in 1972)
Mohican Air Service
Mokulele Airlines
Monarch Air Service
Monarch Aviation
Monmouth Airlines
Morgan Air Lines
Mountain Air Cargo
Mountain Air Service
Mountain Air Services
Mt. McKinley Airfreight
Multi-Aero, Inc. (now dba under Air Choice One Inc.)
Mulzer Flying Service
Munz Northern Airlines
My Aviation
National Air Transport
National Air Transport Service
National Airlines (merged into Pan American)
National Airlines (National Air Cargo) (formerly Murray Air)
National Executive Flight Service
National Flight Services
National Jet Industries
National Jets
National Skyway Freight Corp. (renamed Flying Tiger Line, 1946)
Nationwide Air Transport Service
Nenana Fuel Company
Nevada Airlines
Nevada Flyco
New England Air Express
New England Airlines
New World Air Charter
New York Air
New York Airways
New York, Rio, and Buenos Aires Line - NYRBA (merged into Pan American World Airways, in 1930.)
NJ Airlines
North American Flight Services
North Cay Airways
North Central Airlines (merged into Republic Airlines with Southern Airways, and Hughes Airwest.)
North Continent Airlines
North Country Aviation
North Pacific Airlines - NPA
North Star Air Cargo
North Star Airlines
Northeast Air & Sea Services
Northeast Airlines (merged with Delta Air Lines)
Northeast Express Regional Airlines
Northeast Jet
Northern Air Cargo
Northern Airlines
Northern Flying Service
Northern Illinois Flight Center
Northern Pacific Transport
Northwest Airlines (merged with Delta Air Lines, 2010, continuing as Delta Air Lines)
Northwest Airlink
Northwest Airways (renamed Northwest Airlines)
Northwest Orient Airlines (renamed Northwest Airlines, 1989)
Omni Air International
Overseas National Airways - ONA
Owners Jet Services
Ozark Air Lines (Integrated into Trans World Airlines, 1986)
PAA Africa
PAB Aviation
Pacific Aeromotive
Pacific Air Express
Pacific Air Lines (originally known as Southwest Airways; merged with Bonanza and West Coast into Air West)
Pacific Air Transport (merged into Boeing Air Transport)
Pacific Alaska Air Express
Pacific Alaska Airlines
Pacific Flying Fish
Pacific Northern Airlines (merged with Western Air Lines, 1967)
Pacific Southwest Airlines - PSA
Page Airways
Pan Alaska Airways
Pan American Airways (Pan Am) (renamed Pan American World Airways in 1943)
Pan American Grace Airways (Panagra)
Pan American World Airways (Pan Am)
Panavia Cargo Development
Panda Leasing 
Panorama Flight Service
Panther Aviation
Paradise Airlines
Paragon Air Express
Paragon Jets
Paul Kelly Flying Service
PenAir - Peninsula Airways
Peninsular Air Transport
Pennsylvania Airlines
Pennsylvania-Central Airlines (renamed Capital Airlines)
People Express (Integrated into Continental Airlines, 1987)
Perna Aviation
Phoenix Air
Piedmont Airlines (integrated into USAir)
Piedmont Commuter
Piedmont Hawthorne Aviation (now mainly an aircraft maintenance/sales/support co.)
Pilgrim Airlines
Pinehurst Airlines
Pinnacle Air Charter
Pinnacle Airlines (formerly Express Airlines I; renamed to Endeavor Air on August 1st, 2013)
Pioneer Airlines
Pioneer Ventura Aviation
Pittsburgh Airways
Platinum Jet Management
Polar Air Cargo
Pontiac Aviation
Premier Jets
President Airlines
Presidential Airways
Prestige Tours
Price Aircraft Company
Priester Aviation
Priority Air Charter
Private Air Charters
Pro Air
Pro by Air
Promech Air
Provincetown-Boston Airline - PBA
PSA Airlines (originally named Vee Neal Airlines; renamed Jetstream International Airlines in 1983 and named PSA in 1995)
Ptarmigan Airlines
Puerto Rican American Airlines
Quaker City Airways
Quarterwinds Aviation
Rader Aviation
Ratti Aviation
Ravn Connect (subsidiary of Ravn Alaska; operated by Frontier Flying Service and Hageland Aviation)
Red Wing Aeroplane Company
Redding Aero Enterprises Inc.
Rediske Air
Reeder Flying Service
Reeve Aleutian Airways
Regency Express Air
Regina Cargo Airlines (renamed Imperial Airlines, 1960)
Reliant Airlines
Reno Air
Renoun Aviation
Renown Aviation
Republic Airlines
Republic Airlines (RC) (formed on July 1, 1979 by the merger of North Central Airlines, Southern Airways, and Hughes Airwest.)
Resort Airlines
Rhoades International (renamed Rhoades Aviation)
Rich International Airways
Richmor Aviation
Riddle Airlines (renamed Airlift Int'l, 1965)
Rio Airways
Ritch Air LLC
River City Flying Service
Robin Airlines
Robinson Airlines
Roblex Aviation
Rocky Mountain Airways (founded as Vail Airlines; sold to Texas Air, 1986)
Romeo Mike Aviation Company Inc.
Rosenbalm Aviation (renamed Flagship Express, 1991)
Routh Aircraft
Royal Air Freight
Ryan Air Service (named Ryan Air Service until shutdown in 1988; restarted as Arctic Transportation Services and renamed back to Ryan Air, 2010)
Ryan Airlines
Ryan International Airlines
Saber Cargo Airlines
Safe Air Cargo
Sage Aviation
Salmon Air
Salmon Air Taxi
Samoa Aviation
San Juan Airlines
Saturn Airways (Absorbed by Trans International Airlines in 1976)
Scenic Air Tours
Scenic Airlines
Scheduled Skyways
Sea Airmotive
Seaboard & Western Airlines (renamed Seaboard World Airlines in 1961)
Seaboard World Airlines (Acquired by Flying Tigers in 1980)
Seaborne Aviation
Seair Alaska Airlines
Seattle Air Charter
Servant Air
Seven Seas Airlines
Shawnee Airlines (taken over by Florida Airlines, 1975)
Shelter Charter Services
Shoreline Aviation
Shuttle America
Sierra Pacific Airlines
Sierra West Airlines
Silver Air
Silver Airways
Simmons Airlines (acquired by AMR Corp. on August 1, 1987; merger between Flagship Airlines, Wings West Airlines and Simmons Airlines to form American Eagle Airlines)
SK Logistics
Sky King Inc.
Sky Lease Cargo (until 2009 known as Tradewinds Airlines)
Sky Train Air
Sky Truck International
Sky-Bound Aviation LLC
Skylink Charter
Skylinks Jets
Skystream Airlines
Skytrain Air
Skyvan Airways
Skyway Airlines
SkyWay Enterprises
Skyways International
Skyways International Trading and Transport
SkyWest Airlines
Slick Airways (acquired by Airlift International, 1968)
SMB Stage Line
Smith Air
Snowy Butte Aviation
South Central Aviation
South Pacific Island Airways - SPIA
Southcentral Air
Southeast Airlines
Southeastern Air Charter
Southern Air (integrated into Atlas Air, 2021)
Southern Air Fast Express
Southern Air Transport (Bankrupt; assets purchased by Southern Air in 1999)
Southern Airways (merged into Republic Airlines with North Central Airlines and Hughes Airwest.)
Southern Cross Airways
Southern Cross Aviation
Southern Express
Southern Flyer Inc
Southwest Airlift
Southwest Airlines
Southwest Airlines - SWA
Southwest Airways (renamed Pacific Air Lines, 1958)
Span East Airlines
Spirit Airlines
Spokane Airways
SS&T Aerial Contractors
Standard Airlines
Standard Airways
Star Air Service (renamed Star Air Lines)
Star Flite Aviation
Star Jet LLC
Stargazer Aero
Stonewall Transport
Stout Air Services (acquired by National Air Transport (NAT))
Suburban Air Freight
Suburban Airlines
Sun Country Airlines
Sunbeam Air Transport Co.
Sunbird Airlines (renamed CCAir, 1987)
Suncoast Aviation
Sunjet Aviation
SunQuest Executive Air Charter
Sunrise Airlines
Superior Aviation
Swift Air (rebranded as iAero Airways in 2019)
Swift Aire Lines (merged with Golden Gate Airlines, 1981)
Swift Delivery Air Freight
TAG Aviation
TAG Aviation USA
Tailwind Air Service
Talkeetna Air Taxi
Talon Air
Taquan Air
Tar Heel Aviation
Tejas Airlines
Telford Aviation
Temsco Helicopters
Tepper Aviation Inc
Texas International Airlines (merged with Continental Airlines, 1982)
Texas Western Aviation
Texasgulf Aviation
Thunderbird Airways
Tiger Contract Cargo
TKA Express
Tower Air
Toy Air
TPI International Airways
Tradewinds International Airlines (renamed Sky Lease Cargo)
Trans Caribbean Air Cargo Line
Trans Caribbean Airways (acquired by American Airlines in 1971)
Trans Caribbean Enterprises
Trans Catalina Airlines
Trans Florida Airlines
Trans International Airlines
Trans Island Airways
Trans National Airlines
Trans States Airlines (founded as Resort Air and named Trans States in 1989)
Trans World Airlines - TWA (merged with American Airlines)
Trans-Air Hawaii
Trans-Air-Link - TAL
Trans-Colorado Airlines
Trans-Exec Air Service
Trans-Luxury Airlines
Trans-Pacific Jets
Transair (Cargo) (also known as Trans Executive Airlines of Hawaii)
Transamerica Airlines (founded as Trans International Airlines)
Transamerican Airlines
Transcontinental & Western Air - TWA (renamed Trans World Airlines - TWA, 1946)
Transcontinental Air Transport - TAT (merged in 1930 with Western Air Express to form what became TWA.)
Transcontinental Aviation Inc.
TransNorthern Aviation
Transocean Air Lines
Travelair Taxi
Tri-Motor Safety Airways (subsidiary of NYRBA)
Tri-state Executive Air
TriCoastal Air
Trishan Air
Tropic Air Charters
Tropic Ocean Airways
Tuky Air Transport
Umatilla Aviation
Union Flights
Union Pacific Aviation
Union Southern Airlines
United Airlines (named "United Air Lines" until 1974)
United Executive Jet
United Express
United Parcel Service - UPS
Universal Air Lines
Universal Airlines
Universal Airlines, Inc. (formerly Piedmont Air Transport)
US Airlines
US Airways (renamed to American Airlines on October 17, 2015, after merger)
US Airways Express (started as Allegheny Commuter)
US Overseas Airlines
USA Jet Airlines
USAir (founded as All American Aviation; renamed All American Airways in 1949, renamed Allegheny Airlines in 1952, USAir in 1979, and US Airways in 1996)
USAir Express (started as Allegheny Commuter; renamed US Airways Express)
V1 Jet Management
ValuJet Airlines (merged with AirWays Corp. Into AirTran)
Vanderpool Flying Service
Vesey Air
Viking Air Transport
Viking International Air Freight
Virgin America (AOC merged with Alaska Airlines)
Virgin Islands Seaplane Shuttle
Visionair International
Waig Aircraft Inc. (later renamed ARDCO, Inc.)
Ward Air
West Air
West Air Commuter Airlines
West Bend Air
West Coast Airlines (merged with Bonanza and Pacific Air Lines into Air West)
West Indies Air Transport
West Star Aviation
Westair Commuter Airlines (named Stol Air Commuter until 1978)
Westair Transport
Westchester Air
Western Air Express
Western Air Lines (merged with Delta Airlines)
Western Airways Inc.
Westwind Air Service
Wien Air Alaska
Wien Consolidated Airlines (renamed Wien Air Alaska, 1974)
Wiggins Airways
Willair International
Willis Air Service
Win Win Aviation
Winemiller Aviation
Winged Cargo Inc.
Wings Airline Services
Wings of Alaska
Wings West Airlines (merger between Flagship Airlines, Wings West Airlines and Simmons Airlines to form American Eagle Airlines)
Winship Air Services
Wiregrass Aviation
Woods Air Fuel
Woods Air Service
World Airways
World Atlantic Airlines
World Jet II
Worldwide Jet Charter Inc
Wrangell Air Service
Wright Air Service
Wright Stuff
Yakutat Coastal Airlines
Yates Aviation 
Yatish Air
Yute Air Alaska (renamed Flight Alaska, 2000)
Zantop Air Transport (became Universal Airlines)
Zantop International Airlines
Zeliff Aviation LLC

09 Charlie Inc.
2M Leasing LLC
987 Investments LLC
A & H Aircraft Sales
A&C Big Sky Aviation LLC
A.E. Stanley Manufacturing Co.
A.R. Wings LLC
Aaron Enterprises Corporation
ABA Aviation Resources Inc.
Acme Leasing / K. Knight
Advanced Power Aviation LLC
Aeolus Air Charter
Aero Charter Services
Aerodex (Overhaul and maintenance firm.)
Aerodyne Engineering Corp.
Aerospike Iron LLC
Aggadir Ltd.
Air Carrier Lease and Sales Inc.
Air Charters
Air Pacific NC
Aircraft Airframe Inc
Aircraft Charter Inc.
Aircraft Export Corporation
Aircraft Line Maintenance
Aircraft Modifications Inc
Aklavik Import & Export Co.
Albany Industrial Corp.
Alberto-Culver USA, Inc.
Alco Aviation
Alex Lyon & Sons Sales Managers & Auctioneers Inc.
Alpha Wolf Enterprises LLC
American Agronomics Corp
American Philippine Indonesian Malaysian Enterprises
American Smelting and Refining Co.
American Velodur Metal Comp
Amerine Turkey Breeding Farms
AMF Corp.
Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation
Anton Air LLC
Arcadia Leasing
Arizin Ventures, LLC
ART 21631 LLC
Ashland Oil and Refining Company
Atlantic Aero
Atlantic Transportation of Wilmington LLC
Augusta Aviation
Avia Jet LLC
Aviation Equipment Corp. of America
Aviation Star S II LLC
Aviation Transport Solutions LLC
Avis Industrial Corporation
Ayer Lease Plan
BAC Inc.
BAE Survivability Systems LLC
Barbary Coast Hotel & Casino
Barringer Research Inc. (firm specialising in airborne survey)
BB Five Inc.
BBR Drilling
Beta Leasing Inc.
Bird Corp.
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Iowa - BCBS
Blue Water Aviation Inc.
Bombardier Business Jet Solutions
Boreas Corporation
Borg-Warner Corp.
Boulder Capital Inc.
BP Amoco Corporation
Brink Constructors, Inc.
Brook Haven Properties LLC
Brown County Financial Services
Bruno's Inc.
Buckle Inc.
Burroughs Corp.
Business Jet Managers Inc
Calico Ventures LLC
California Natural Products
Carde Equipment Sales LLC
Career Aviation Company
Caridad Aviation, LLC
Castleton Inc
Castor Trading
Cauble Enterprises
Centralav, LLC
Century Equipment
Century Equipment Company
Champion Air
Champion Home Builders
Champion Paper & Fibre Co.
Chapman Commodities
Chatham Corp.
Chen Aircrafts LLC
Chevron Oil
Chippewa Aerospace Inc.
CIM Associates
Circuit City Stores
CIT Leasing Corp.
Citation 7063 Corp.
Cities Service Co.
Classic Aviation
Cluett Peabody & Company
CNS Corporation
Coast Hotels & Casinos
Cobb Aviation Services
Coin Acceptors
Collins Radio Corp.
Colnan Inc.
Colonels Inc.
Colonial Bank
Compass Acquisitions and Development Inc.
ConAero Inc.
Consolidated International Services Inc.
Container Corp. of America
Continental Oil Corp.
Cornerstone Construction Inc. ?
Corporate Flight Management
Corus Hardware Corporation
Cousin Properties
Crane Co.
Crutcher Resources Corporation
CSSRJ Aviation LLC
Dallas Chapter
Danpar Aviation
DC Aviation, LLC
DEKA Research & Development Corp.
Delta Star Inc.
Delwood Furniture
Desert Sand Aircraft Leasing
Dewberry Air LLC
Diamond Jet Inc.
Digicut Systems
Digital Equipment Corporation
Dinama Aircorp
Dirt Dynamics, Inc.
Donna Blue Aircraft Inc.
Dow Chemical Company
DR & M Incorporated
Drayton Associates
Drilling Muds
Drug Plastics & Glass Company Inc
DRW Financial
DRWS Services LLC
Du Pont de Numours and Co.
Dufresne Inc.
Dumas Milner Corp.
Duncan Aircraft Sales
Durakool Inc
Dwiggins LLC
Dynamic Aviation Group Inc
Dynamic Avlease
E. Micah Aviation
Eagle II Aero LLC
East Coast Flight Services
Eastex Inc
Eastman Kodak
Ebco Manufacturing Co.
Eclipse Transport LLC
EE Operations LLC
Eli's Bread
EMD Astra Holdings LLC
Epps Air Service
Equipment Specialists Inc.
Erasmus Inc
ERG Holdings LLC
Estoair LLC
Executive Aviation Investors Inc
Expectra Aviation Inc.
F & B Livestock Corp
F & S Contracting
Fabergé Inc.
Facilities Management Corp.
Factury Buying Corp.
Fair Sky Corp.
Fairbanks Morse and Company
Falcon Leasing Corp.
Farm-Kem Inc
Federal Mogul Corp.
Federal Paper Board
Flight Options Inc.
Florida Preferred Equity
Fluor Corp
Ford Motor Co.
Franks Petroleum
Fruehauf Inc.
FS Corsair Inc
GCI Communication Corp.
GECAS (commercial aircraft and engine lessor and lender)
General Electric
General Motors
General Telephone Co.
General Tire & Rubber Co.
Georgia Pacific Corp.
Gilleland Aviation
GLE Aircraft
Global Avionics LLC
Gold Bond Stamp Co.
Grady International Inc.
Great Idea Corporation
Great Texas Foods Inc.
Greystoke Engineering Inc
GTE South
Guardian Eagle Company
Gulf Oil Corporation
Gulf Research & Development Co.
Haalo Ltd.
Hall Mining Company
Hamilton Ranches Inc.
Hardees Foods
Harrington's Inc
Hawker 700 Holding Company LLC
Hendrick Motorsports, Inc
Henning Aviation LLC
Henry Broadcasting Nevada Inc
Hog Air Aviation LLC
Honeywell Inc.
Horizon Properties
Horizon Timber Services Inc.
Houston Cardiac Electrophysiology Associates
Hughes Tool Corp
Hurricane Joaquin LLC
Hypo Consulting LLC
IBEX Corp.
Icon Health and Fitness
IHC Health Services, Inc.
IHR Administrative Services
Inlet Marine
Integerresources Inc. & Drayton Ass.
Integrated Flight Resources Inc.
Intercontinental Oil Co.
International Aviation Ltd.
International Jet Charter
Interstate Warehousing Inc.
Iowa Packing Company
Island Gem Enterprises
J. Ray McDermott & Company Inc.
Jack Adams Aircraft Sales Inc.
Jaffe Group
JaGee Ventures
Jaradac International Corp.
Jaymar Ruby Inc.
Jet Lease Corp.
Jet Sales LLC
Jetleg Management
Jim Robbins Airborne Division
Jimmie Johnson Racing II
JJU Aviation
JL&GL Productions LP
Joanne Fashions
John W. Mecom Oil Co.
Johnson & Johnson Inc.
Johnson Wax Company
Juventude (])
JW Asset Management
Kansas Air Investments, Inc
Kansas City Life Insurance
Karan Corp.
Karol Investment Corp.
Keegan Aviation
Kellogg Co.
Kennecott Corp
Kerr-McGee Corp
Kerry Acquisitions LLC
Kewitt Construction Company
Kidd Aviation
Kreuter Engineering
L.C. Whitford Co., Inc.
Lake Riverside Estates
Langham Petroleum Corp.
Las Vegas Sands Corporation
Lauren Engineers & Constructors, Inc.
Le High Acres Development Comp.
Leavitt Group Wings, LLC
Legacy Air LLC
LifeMed Alaska
Ligon Brothers Manufacturing
Lonnie Russell Leasing & Rental Inc.
Lorenair Inc.
Louisiana Pacific Corp.
LTV Aerospace
Lufkin Industries
M.J. Supply Inc.
Machinery Buyers Corp
Mack Truck
Macton Corp
Magnavox Corporation
Mallen Industries, Inc.
Manchester Group
Mar Pon Inc.
Marathon Oil
Masco Corporation
Mass Bay Kustom Leasing
Maytag Corporation
Mazak Properties Inc.
McDermott Inc.
McWilliams LLC
MDTR Holdings LLC
Meander Air II LLC
Mechanical Equipment
Media Aviation Inc.
Mellon Bank
Merchant Bank
Mercury Communications
Midwest Energy Development
Midwest Oil Corp.
Miller Brewing Company
MMRB Services
Mobil Oil
Mobile Aircraft, Inc.
Moran Foods, Inc.
Mountain Bell Telephone
MTC Enterprises LLC
Mutual Benefit Health & Accident
My Wife Yacht Sales
N67AN Inc.
N941AT Inc.
Nabisco Brands, Inc.
National Homes Corp.
National Steel Corp.
Navellier Management, Inc.
Nevada Airlines Inc.
New Creations
NewCal Aviation (distributor of aircraft parts)
Nicole Corp.
North American Plastics
North Slope Supply Comp
Northern Peninsula Fisheries
O.I.A. Enterprises, LLC
Oklahoma Pipe Line Construction
Oliver B. Cannon & Sons, Inc.
OMCO Petroleum Co.
Omicron Business Services, LLC
Optimal Aviation Services
Osage Air LLC
Oso-Rio LLC
OzAir Charter Service
Pacific Petroleum
Paige Associates
Peabody Coal Company
Performance Aircraft Leasing Inc.
PGA Tour Investments
Phillips Petroleum Company
Pilot Point Consultancy LLC
Pine Paper Products Co.
Pioneer Private Aviation
Pittston Co.
Plymouth Oil Co.
Ponderosa/Chrysler Corp.
Potomac Painters Inc.
Premier Air Management
Private Jets LLC
Professional Pilot Service Inc.
Puget Sound Tug & Barge Company
PV Transport Inc
QB Corporation
Qualitron Aero Services Inc.
R & B Leasing
R & G Leasing
R. L. Riemenschneider Enterprises
Rainbow King Lodge
Ram Air Sales and Leasing, LLC
Ray Charles Enterprises
Ray Geophysical
RBR Development LLC
RBS Aviation Group
Reaud, Morgan & Quinn Inc
Red River Ranch Inc.
Remonia Air
Reo Leasing Inc.
Republic Natural Gas Co.
Republic Oil Company
Rexall Drug & Chemical Company
Reynolds Tobacco Co.
RGA Holdings
Ring Can Corp.
Robertson Asset Management
Robinson Air Crane, Inc.
Rolled Steel Corp.
Romair Inc.
Roper Aviation LLC
Roush Fenway Racing LLC
Rowan Drilling Comp. Marine
Royal Crown Cola Corp
RP Sales and Leasing Inc.
Sabre 60 Jet Inc.
Sabre 65 LLC
Sangamo Electric Company
SarTec Corp.
SC Cole Aviation LLC
Scott Aviation
Scott Cable Communications
Scout About LLC
Security Aviation Inc.
Security Pacific Equipment Lease
Seneca Sawmill Co
Shell Oil
Sinclair Somali Corp.
Singer Corporation-Kearfott Division
Six Hundred NP, LLC
Six-T Ranch Corp.
SK Travel, LLC
Sky Mast LLC
Skyway Aircraft Inc.
SN 1124 LLC
Snow Peak Ventures LLC
South American Gulf Oil Company
Southwest Aircraft Charter
Southwest Skin and Cancer LLC
Standard Oil Company
Starjet Inc.
Starwood Management LLC
STB Aviation LLC
Stein's Aircraft Services
Sterling LIHTC LLC
Steward-Davis Inc.
Stinger Welding Inc.
Stribling-Puckett, Inc
Strong Tower Services LLC
Sultan Industries
Sun Oil Co
Sun Valley Inc.
Sundance Airport FBO LLC
Superior Beverage Group
Superior Oil Corp.
Supra International
Swat Technology, LLC
SX Transport LLC
Synfuels Holdings Finance LLC
Tandy Corp.
Tango Corp.
Target Development & Consulting Inc
TDC Aviation LLC
TDC Management LLC
Teledyne Industries
Tenneco Management Company
Tex Johnson Inc
Texas Instruments Inc.
The Air Group Inc.
The Connecticut National Bank
The Vein Guys
THV Seminars
Tidewater Marine Services
Tiffany Realty
Tigress Air III
TLD Aviation I LLC
Tomco II
Torrey Leasing Company
Trans Alaska Produce Corp.
Trans Southern Corp
Transenergie Inc
Transvall Corp.
Tri Marine Management Company LLC
Trident Aviation Services
Triple D Transport Co.
Trust Aviation, Inc.
TW 601-C Investment LLC
UF Equipment LLC
Union Gas Air Ventures I LLC
Union Oil Company of California
United States Steel Corporation
United-Heckathorne Corp.
Unum Inc.
US Check
US Distributors Inc.
US Motorsports
US Steel Co.
Utah Construction & Mining Co.
Vagus Group, Inc.
Van E Aviation LLC
Vancon Holdings
Venagas Construction Corporation
Vertol Systems Company
Vintage Sales Corp.
Volkswagen Pacific
W.S. Cheek Mining Co.
Waffle House Inc.
Wal-Mart Aviation
Wallace's Bookstore Inc
Warnaco Inc
Warren Manufacturing Inc
Warren Transportation LLC
WC Leasing Corp.
Weatherford Services Inc.
West Coast Aviation Services
West Ward Cattle
Western Hemisphere Import Export Co.
Westinghouse Electric Corp.
White Industries
Whitham Farm Feedyard Inc
William Wrigley Jr. Co.
Williams Patent Crusher & Pulverizer Company
Willis Lease Finance Corporation
Wilmington Trust
Winn Exploration
Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc.
WL Aviation LLC
Woolie Enterprises Inc.
World Heir Inc.
World Photography Co.
World Photography Corp.
Yankee Dawdle LLC
Youngstown Cartage Co.
Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co.
Ziegler Inc

Flying schools, Aeroclubs, Skydiving:
Adventure Aviation
AerOhio Aviation
Colorado Flying Academy
Connecticut Parachutists
Flight Safety International
Flight Training Center
GoJump Oceanside
Hangar Six
Kapowsin Air Sports
Nathaniel Hawthorne College
National Parachute Test Center - NPTC
National Test Pilot School
Parachute Center
Perris Valley Aviation
Perris Valley Paracenter
Quantum Leap Skydiving Center
Skydive Georgia
SkyDive Greensburg
Skydive Mesquite
Skydive Miami
Skydive San Diego
Skydive San Marcos
Skydive Spaceland Houston
Skydive the Ranch
Skydive Twin Cities
Spokane Turbine Skydiving

California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
City of Detroit
Civil Aeronautics Administration (merged with CAB into FAA)
Federal Aviation Administration - FAA (formerly known as Federal Aviation Agency until 1967)
Federal Aviation Agency - FAA (became Federal Aviation Administration in 1967)
North Slope Borough
St. Bernard Parish Government
United States Agency for International Development
United States Customs Service
United States Department of Agriculture
United States Department of Energy
United States Department of Homeland Security
United States Department of Interior
United States Department of State
United States Forest Service
United States Government, War Department
United States Treasury
US Drug Enforcement Administration - DEA
War Assets Administration

Aero Spacelines
Avcon Industries
Beechcraft (became Raytheon and later a brand of Hawker Beechcraft)
Beechcraft Sales South Inc.
Bombardier Capital Corporation
Cavalier Aircraft Corporation (renamed from Trans Florida Aviation in 1967)
Cessna Aircraft
Douglas Aircraft Company (Merged with McDonnell Aircraft Corporation into McDonnell Douglas)
Fokker Aircraft Corporation of America
Ford Motor Company
Gates Learjet (Incorporated into Bombardier)
Gulfstream Aerospace
Howard Aero Inc.
Lear Jet Corp.
Ling Temco Vought Inc.
Lockheed (Merged with Martin Marietta)
Lockheed Martin Vought Systems
McDonnell Douglas (Merged with Boeing)
North American Aviation
Raytheon Aircraft
Rockwell International Corporation
Sino Swearingen (founded as Swearingen Aircraft IN 1959; now known as Emivest Aerospace)
Spectrum Aeronautical
Textron Inc.

Air National Guard
Florida Army National Guard
Inter-American Air Forces Academy
La Legión Caribe (Caribbean Legion, to overthrow Latin American dictatorships)
United States Air Force - USAF
United States Army
United States Army Air Corps - USAAC (renamed USAAF, June 20, 1941)
United States Army Air Force - USAAF (renamed USAF, September 18, 1947)
United States Coast Guard
United States Department of Defense
United States Marine Corps
United States Navy
US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM)

Organisations (non-profit):
Agape Flights
Air Serv International
American Airpower Heritage Museum
Auburn Adventist Academy
Avalon Correctional Services
College of the Ozarks 
Commemorative Air Force, Highland Lakes Squadron
Confederate Air Force
Greatland Resource
Holy Nation of Islam Inc
Living Water Teaching Ministries
Loren Davis Ministries International
Missionary Flights International
National Air & Space Museum
New Tribes Mission
Purdue University
The Catalina Company
The Collings Foundation
University of North Dakota
US Mission
US Naval Mission to Ecuador
Valiant Air Command Inc
Wagner Foundation
West Texas Air Museum

Alberto Morales
Allen L. Stanley
B.F. Gregory
Barry D. Tidwell
C. R. Vose Company
C.D. Stoltzfus & Associates
C.L. Hall
C.L. Joekel
Carroll G. Smith
Charles Clay
Charles H. Babb
Clayton V. Curtis
Clifford A. Hackney Sr.
D. Cavener
D. Seitz
Darryl G. Greenamyer
David K. Gifford
Dolph Briscoe Jr.
Donald L. Baker
Douglas M. Lacey
E. Marger
E. Saltzgeber
E.L. Fulton
E.W. Brown
Edward A. Mueller
Edwin L. Byrd
Essam al-Ridi
F. Free
F. Sorensen
George Byron Alder
George C. McAlpine
George J. Priestner
Georgia South America
Gordon E. Cragg
H. Maierhoffer
H. Price
H.A. Braun
H.A. Wharton
H.W. Musleh
H.W. Robinson
Howard Schlick
J. Calvert
J. Fox
J. Rodriguez
J. Rule
J. Sack
J. Swain
J. Symons
J. Whaley
J.D. Gifford and Associates
J.H. Logsdon
J.H. O'Brien
J.V. Masin
J.W. Pate
Jack Lenhardt
Jacqueline Cochran
James E. Stewart
James Holmes
James Teng & Sons
Jamie Munoz
Jim McGeorge
Joel Guinn
John A. Lyddon
John W. Galbreath
Johnson and Johnson
Johnston R. Staples
Jon Kraut
Jose A. Balboa
Jose Benitez
Joseph Masin
K. Weeks
Kenneth L Meek
Kenneth N. Pontikes
Kirk E. Molhook
L.M. Barbenell
Leon H. Patin
Lyndon B Johnson
M. Todd
Markus Bastuck
Max Conrad
Mike G. Rutherford
N.F. Stadler
O.K. Southwick
Paul Grossman
Plaisir en Vol
R. Loomis
R. P. Weesner
R.A. Armstrong
R.R. Fuchs
R.W. Duff
Remmert Werner
Richard P. Lieberman
Robert E.J. Morris
Robert F. Carlson
Robert L Vaughn
Robert M. Ferguson
Robert Schumacher
Ronald P.Lippert
S. Lubbezoo
T. Eaton Co.
Thomas Kendall
Thurman L. Munson
Timothy J. Roman & Barry J. Baron
Tony Perez
Troy G. Hawkins
V.N. Johns
W. Jackson
Walker P. Inman
Wiley C. Puckett
William J Evans
William V. Wright
Yvonne A Culbertson

Special operations (survey, crop spraying etc.):
10 Tanker Air Carrier
Aero Flite
Aero Services Corp.
Air Trek (air ambulance operator)
Airborne Fire Attack
Aircraft Specialities Corporation
Aircraft Specialties
AirEvac International
Black Hills Aviation
Butler Aircraft Company
Care Flight International
Clarks Aerial Service
Collier County Mosquito Control Distr.
Coulson Aviation
Earth Data Aviation
EP Aviation
Flight International
Flight Research Inc.
Guardian Flight
Hawkins & Powers Aviation
Hirth Air Tankers
International Air Applicators
International Air Response
Jet ICU Air Ambulance Service
L3 Technologies
Mark Hurd Mapping Company
Master Equipment Co.
Mayo Aviation
Med Flight Air Ambulance
Minden Air Corporation
Monroe County Mosquito Control District
Neptune Aviation Services
Northwest Agricultural Aviation
Omega Air Refueling
Plane Speaker Corporation
Rampart Aviation
Sky Spray (subsidia of United Heckathorn, Inc,,)
T & G Aviation (became International Air Response)
TBM Inc.
Tristate Care Flight LLC
USA Healthcare-Leasing

Aircraft Sales & Leasing
Alpes Aircraft Corp.
American Express Leasing
Associated Aviation Industries
Athens Leasing Corp.
Bahri Aviation
Big 6 General Partnership
BWI Leasing
California Aircraft
Cambridge Aviation
Caribe Air Sales
Charlotte Aircraft Corp.
Condor Enterprises Inc.
Corporate Flight
Cox Aircraft Corp.
Crown Center Aviation
DK&L Company
Dragon Air Leasing Inc.
Freedom International
Gomes & Warra Aircraft Corp
GSD Aircraft Leasing
IAL Aircraft Holding
Interior Enterprise
International Flight Center
International Flight Charter
International Turbine Service
Island Traders
Islands of the Bahamas Inc
Kelco Aircraft
L & J Company
La Mesa Leasing Inc.
Lauderdale Leasing
Mission Air Lift Inc
National Aero Sales Company
National Aircraft Leasing
New England Propeller Service
North American Aircraft Trading
Omega Air Inc
One Leasing
Onyx Aviation
Orion Air
Orion Aircraft Sales
Patterson McCarthy Leasing
Petrolift Aviation
Professional Jet Management
Professional Maintenance Services
Pronto Aviation Services
RG Aviation
Servicios Americanos
Silver Express
SL Aviation Services
Southern Aero Trades Inc
Southern Company Services
Southern Services
Spitfire Sales And Leasing
Stoney's Rainbow Lanes & Lounge
Tennessee Valley Authority
Tiburon Aircraft Inc
Trans American Leasing Inc
Union Producing Comp
United Aircraft Services
Universal Air Leasing
Universal Jet Aviation
US Global of Florida
Valley Projects Inc.
Viking Aircraft Co.
Waggoner Aircraft

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