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Lockheed Hudson specs
Last updated: 8 August 2013
Country: United States of America
ICAO Type designator:L14
First flight:10 December 1938
Production ended: 1942
Production total:2584
Series: A-28 Hudson: US Military version with R-1830-45 engines
A-28A Hudson: A-28 with convertible interiors as troop transports
A-29 Hudson: A-28 powered by R-1830-87 engines
A-29A Hudson: A-29 with convertible interiors as troop transports
Hudson I: Production aircraft for the RAF and RAAF
Hudson II: Mk I with spinnerless constant speed propellers
Hudson III: Production aircraft with retractable ventral gun position; 428 built.
Hudson IIIA: Lend-lease variants of the A-29 and A-29A aircraft; 800 built.
Hudson IV: Mk II with ventral gun removed
Hudson IVA: A-28s delivered to the RAAF
Hudson VI: A-28As under lend-lease
Propulsion:2 piston engines
Maximum number of passengers:
Maximum take-off mass:8390 kg
ICAO Mass group:3