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8132 occurrences in the ASN safety database
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acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg    
26-JAN-2023 Rans S-7S Courier VH-DAB Private 0 Jumpinpin Channel, North Stradbroke Island, QLD sub
24-JAN-2023 Osprey GP-4 VH-JQE Private 0 Jandakot Airport (JAD/YPJT), WA min
21-JAN-2023 Van's RV-9A VH-JXN Private 0 French Island, VIC sub
18-JAN-2023 Boeing 737-838 (WL) VH-XZB Qantas 0 E of Sydney unk
08-JAN-2023 Tecnam P92 Echo Super Private 0 Dingee, VIC min
04-JAN-2023 Cessna 182P Skylane VH-EUQ Longreach Land Developments Pty Ltd 0 Mount Buffalo National Park, VIC w/o
02-JAN-2023 Eurocopter EC 130B4 VH-XH9 Sea World Helicopters Pty Ltd 0+4 near Sea World Heliport (YSWD), Main Beach, QLD sub
02-JAN-2023 Eurocopter EC 130B4 VH-XKQ Sea World Helicopters Pty Ltd 4 near Sea World Heliport (YSWD), Main Beach, QLD w/o
02-JAN-2023 Jabiru LSA 55-3342 Private 0 near Wentworth Airfield (YWTO), Wentworth, NSW sub
26-DEC-2022 Stoddard-Hamilton Glasair Super II FT N600 Private 2 Appin, NSW w/o
24-DEC-2022 Cessna 210N Centurion II VH-TFT Katherine Aviation Pty Ltd 2 near Bulman, NT w/o
21-DEC-2022 Saab 340B VH-RXE Rex Airlines 0 140 km from Perth, WA non
16-DEC-2022 Jabiru Private 1 near Caiguna, Nullarbor Plain, WA w/o
06-DEC-2022 Legend 600L 0 Cessnock Airport (YCNK), Pokolbin, NSW min
03-DEC-2022 BRM Aero Bristell S-LSA DUAL ENTRY 0 Hebden, near Singleton, NSW sub
03-DEC-2022 BRM Aero Bristell S-LSA Private 0 Hebden, SW of Muswellbrook, NSW sub
30-NOV-2022 Hughes 269C VH-OBK The Helicopter Group 0 near Moorabbin (Harry Hawker) Airport (MBW/YMMB), Melbourne, VIC w/o
30-NOV-2022 de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver VH-... 0 off Hamilton Island Airport, QLD (HTI) min
19-NOV-2022 Piper PA-28-161 Warrior III VH-VPO Vectra Holdings Pty Ltd 0 Bankstown Airport, NSW (BWU/YSBK) sub
19-NOV-2022 Robinson R44 VH-TKI Flying Wombats Australia Pty Ltd 0 Forresters Beach, NSW sub
18-NOV-2022 Cyclone G008 Private 0 Hervey Bay, QLD w/o
17-NOV-2022 Beechcraft 1900D VH-NYA Penjet Pty Ltd 0 Fortnum Airport (YFOR), Fortnum, WA min
16-NOV-2022 Jabiru J200-B 0 Pentland Airport (YPND), Pentland, QLD w/o
15-NOV-2022 Robinson R22 Beta VH-LOS Private 1 about 40km S of Ramingining, East Arnhem Land, NT w/o
13-NOV-2022 ICP MXP-740 Savannah 19-4195 Private 0 Proserpine River, Conway, QLD sub
10-NOV-2022 Saab 340B+ VH-VEQ Virgin Australia, opb Link Airways 0 Canberra Airport, ACT (CBR/YSCB) min
09-NOV-2022 Kappa KP-2U Sova Sabre 24-4311 Private 1+1 Kybong, QLD w/o
09-NOV-2022 Grob G102 Astir CS VH-WVI Sunshine Coast Gliding Club Inc 1+1 Kybong, QLD w/o
08-NOV-2022 de Havilland Canada DHC-8-202 VH-TQS QantasLink 0 Sydney-Kingsford Smith International Airport, NSW (SYD/YSSY) min
05-NOV-2022 Pipistrel Virus SW 0 Griffith Airport (YGTH), Griffith, NSW min
04-NOV-2022 Flight Design CTSW 0 Bindoon Airport (YBON), Bindoon, WA unk
03-NOV-2022 Robinson R44 Raven I VH-OCL C A Helicopters Pty Ltd 0 8 km N of Kumarina Roadhouse Airport, WA sub
28-OCT-2022 Bell 206 JetRanger Private 0 Gowrie, NSW w/o
27-OCT-2022 Air Tractor AT-502/3/4 0 near Toowoomba Aerodrome, QLD sub
27-OCT-2022 Airborne trike 0 Caboolture, QLD sub
26-OCT-2022 Jabiru J170-C 0 Gawler Aerodrome (YGAW), Gawler, SA min
18-OCT-2022 DJI 0 7.8 NM 219 degrees from Warren Aerodrome, NSW sub
17-OCT-2022 Mooney M20J 201 VH-UDQ Private 0 near Luskintyre Airfield (YLSK), NSW w/o
17-OCT-2022 Air Tractor AT-502/3/4 0 15 NM 190 degrees from Horsham Aerodrome, VIC sub
16-OCT-2022 Morgan Aeroworks Cheetah Sierra 200 0 Corowa, NSW min
15-OCT-2022 Rans S-6 Private 0 Childers Airport (YCDS), South Isis, QLD sub
15-OCT-2022 DJI 0 13.5 NM 325 degrees from Kempsey Aerodrome, NSW sub
14-OCT-2022 Rockwell 690A Turbo Commander VH-PCV General Aviation Maintenance Pty Ltd 0 Melbourne-Essendon Airport, (MEB/YMEN), VIC min
14-OCT-2022 DJI 0 76.9 km 234 degrees from Toowoomba Aerodrome, QLD dst
11-OCT-2022 Swoop Aero 0 29.6 km 224 degrees from Shepparton Aerodrome, VIC dst
10-OCT-2022 Beechcraft E55 Baron VH-YIC Flying Logan Pty Ltd 0 Aldinga Airfield (YADG), Adelaide, SA min
06-OCT-2022 Bell 206A JetRanger VH-PHP Australian Native Landscapes Pty Ltd 1 6 km ENE of Maitland Airport, NSW w/o
05-OCT-2022 Qantum Systems Trinity F90+ 0 16.26 km 264.01 degrees from Williamtown Aerodrome, NSW sub
04-OCT-2022 DJI 0 7 NM 213 degrees from Argyle Aerodrome, WA sub
03-OCT-2022 Magni 0 Somersby, NSW sub
03-OCT-2022 BN-2A-21 Islander VH-WQA Torres Strait Air 0 Moa Island, Torres Strait sub
02-OCT-2022 Robinson R22 Beta II VH-RAS Private 2 Cowcowing Lakes, Booralaming, WA w/o
02-OCT-2022 DJI 0 3 NM 278 degrees from Canberra Aerodrome, ACT dst
01-OCT-2022 Cessna 177RG 0 Wave Rock, WA sub
30-SEP-2022 Schempp-Hirth Nimbus 0 near Mccaffrey Field, QLD sub
28-SEP-2022 Damoda 0 9.51 NM 256.21 degrees from Perth Aerodrome, WA sub
27-SEP-2022 DJI 0 20 NM 260 degrees from Gold Coast Aerodrome, QLD unk
26-SEP-2022 Robinson R22 Beta II VH-CWE Bill Scott Rural Pty Ltd 0 Budgerygar Station, QLD sub
24-SEP-2022 Rainbow Cheetah XLS Private 0 Port Lincoln Airport (YPLC), North Shields, SA sub
19-SEP-2022 Air Tractor AT-502B VH-KDR Smart Air Services Pty Ltd 1 W of Canaga, QLD w/o
19-SEP-2022 Flightstar 0 Kilcoy, QLD sub
18-SEP-2022 Jabiru J230-C 24-5067 Private 1 Lucyvale area, near Tallangatta, VIC w/o
15-SEP-2022 Jabiru J170-C 0 Greenside Airstrip (YGSD), Muchea, WA min
15-SEP-2022 DJI 0 22 NM 353.00000000 degrees from Ballina/Byron Gateway Aerodrome, NSW dst
15-SEP-2022 DJI 0 41.2 km 354 degrees from Ballina/Byron Gateway Aerodrome, NSW sub
14-SEP-2022 Tecnam P96 Golf Private 0 Boonah Airfield (YBOA), Dugandan, QLD min
14-SEP-2022 DJI 0 5 NM 240 degrees from Avalon Aerodrome, VIC dst
14-SEP-2022 DJI 0 16.8 km 247 degrees from Essendon Aerodrome, VIC dst
11-SEP-2022 Jabiru J230-D Private 1 Shirbourne, near Ayr, QLD w/o
11-SEP-2022 Jurca MJ-77 Gnatsum VH-ZYC private 0 Darwin Aerodrome, NT sub
08-SEP-2022 Aeropro Eurofox Private 0 Sunshine Coast Airport, QLD (MCY/YBSU) sub
07-SEP-2022 Skydio 2+ RPAS 0 3.6 NM 90.25 degrees from Gladstone Aerodrome, QLD sub
06-SEP-2022 Unknown 0 14 NM 146 degrees from Port Pirie Aerodrome, SA sub
02-SEP-2022 DJI 0 1.42 NM 308.71 degrees from Launceston Aerodrome, TAS dst
31-AUG-2022 Ayres S-2R-T15 Turbo Thrush VH-IWI Ashby Aviation Pty Ltd 0 Trangie, NSW min
31-AUG-2022 DJI 0 7 NM 300 degrees from Perth Aerodrome, WA sub
31-AUG-2022 Cessna 172 0 Wilpena Pound Air Strip, SA sub
29-AUG-2022 Cessna R182 Skylane RG II VH-EHM Executive Helicopters Pty Ltd 3 near Fernvale, QLD w/o
29-AUG-2022 DJI 0 10.45 NM 271.92 degrees from Townsville Aerodrome, QLD sub
28-AUG-2022 Evektor EV-97 Harmony Private 0 Aldinga Airfield, SA (YADG) sub
28-AUG-2022 Piper PA-34-220T Seneca III VH-MRY Mile High Aviation Monduran Pty Ltd 0 Parafield Airport (YPPF), SA min
26-AUG-2022 DJI 0 17 NM 326 degrees from Ravensthorpe Aerodrome, WA dst
22-AUG-2022 Cessna 172N Skyhawk VH-PYW Warnervale Air Pty Ltd 0 Warnervale Airport, NSW (YWVA) sub
20-AUG-2022 Cessna 152 0 24.6 NM 36 degrees from Oakey Aerodrome, QLD dst
19-AUG-2022 Uvify 0 6.7 km 207 degrees from Darwin Aerodrome, NT dst
10-AUG-2022 Progressive Aerodyne SeaRey Private 0 Coila Lake, near Tuross Head, NSW sub
07-AUG-2022 Skydio RPAS 0 near Olympic Dam Aerodrome, SA sub
05-AUG-2022 Air Tractor AT-802 0 66 NM 283 degrees from Athens International Airport, Other dst
30-JUL-2022 Bell 206L LongRanger 0 Newman Airport (YNWN), Newman, WA min
25-JUL-2022 DJI 0 75 NM 226 degrees from Morawa Aerodrome, WA dst
16-JUL-2022 Jabiru J430 0 Streaky Bay, SA sub
13-JUL-2022 Schweizer 269 0 near Glen Harding, QLD sub
12-JUL-2022 DJI 0 20 NM 167 degrees from Ballarat Aerodrome, VIC dst
11-JUL-2022 Boeing 717-2K9 VH-NXH QantasLink 0 Rockhampton Airport (ROK/YBRK), QLD non
09-JUL-2022 Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II VH-ZMF NSW Helicopters Pty Ltd 1 near South Maroota, NSW w/o
07-JUL-2022 DJI 0 38.9 km 74 degrees from Richmond, NSW dst
06-JUL-2022 DJI 0 119.2 km 245 degrees from Geelong, VIC dst
06-JUL-2022 BRALCA 0 26 km 273 degrees from Katherine Gorge, NT dst
04-JUL-2022 Robinson R22 0 3 NM 348 degrees from Chinchilla Aerodrome, QLD dst
02-JUL-2022 Piper PA-28 0 Bacchus Marsh, VIC sub

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