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Shot down
Fits within the ICAO Occurrence Category: SEC
436 Shot down from the ground
199 Shot down by aircraft
66 Loss of control

744 occurrences in the ASN safety database, showing occurrence 1 - 100

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date type registration operator fat. location   pic cat
04-NOV-1936Junkers Ju-52/3mge 22-74 HISMA near Madrid   C1
05-NOV-1936Junkers Ju-52/3m   HISMA near Algordon   C1
25-NOV-1936Junkers Ju-52/3m   HISMA near Cuatro Vientos   C1
16-FEB-1937Junkers Ju-52/3m 22-58 HISMA Jarama   C1
13-MAR-1937Junkers Ju-52/3m 22-70 HISMA Guadalajara   C1
14-SEP-1937Junkers Ju-52/3m 22-61 HISMA Sariñena (Hu...   C1
13-JAN-1938Junkers Ju-52/3m   Aviación Nacional Barcelona   A1
20-AUG-1938Junkers Ju-52/3m   Aviación Nacional   A1
24-AUG-1938Douglas DC-2-221 32 CNAC 14 Wangmoon   C2
13-FEB-1939Junkers Ju-52/3m   Aviación Nacional near Cartagena   A1
05-MAR-1939Junkers Ju-52/3m   Aviación Nacional   A1
05-SEP-1939Junkers Ju-52/3m WL-AGZG German AF 9 Wilhelmshave...   C1
25-SEP-1939Junkers Ju-52/3m G6+CZ German AF Warsaw   C1
09-APR-1940Short Sunderland L2167 RAF 9 near Sylling   C1
09-APR-1940Junkers Ju-52/3m NG+VD German AF 1 Oslo-Fornebu   C1
14-APR-1940Junkers Ju-52/3m 1Z+.. German AF 1 Lillehammer,...   C1
14-APR-1940Junkers Ju-52/3m 1Z+GS German AF 3 Graberget, D...   C1
10-MAY-1940Junkers Ju-52/3m   German AF 17 Kerk-Avezaath   C1
11-MAY-1940Junkers Ju-52/3m   German AF Alken   C1
23-MAY-1940Sabca Savoia-Marchetti S.73P OO-AGS Sabena 2 Arques   C1
23-MAY-1940Douglas DC-3-227B OO-AUI Sabena, op.for RAF 1 near Arques   C1
30-MAY-1940Junkers Ju-52/3m   German AF 8 Skotten sete...   C1
02-JUN-1940Junkers Ju-52/3m DC+SP German AF 8 Riksgränsen,...   C1
14-JUN-1940Junkers Ju-52/3mge OH-ALL Aero OY 9 near Keri Island ... C1
20-JUN-1940Dewoitine D.338 F-ARTD Air France 1 near Ouistreham   C1
07-JUL-1940Dewoitine D.338 F-AQBA Air France 4 Gulf of Tonkin   C1
09-JUL-1940Short Sunderland I N6133 RAF near Sumburgh Hea...   C1
26-OCT-1940Junkers Ju-52/3mte XXV Eurasia near Kunming   C1
27-NOV-1940SNCAC (Farman) NC.223.4 F-AROA Air France 7 near Cape Spartiv...   C1
29-JUN-1941Lisunov PS-84   Soviet AF 0 Pskov-Kresty   C1
29-JUN-1941Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3433 Aeroflot, MAGON 0 Vayenga   C1
05-JUL-1941Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3411 Soviet AF 2 within Russia   C1
07-JUL-1941Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3470 Aeroflot, MAGON 0 Rogachov, Go...   C1
13-JUL-1941Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3939 Aeroflot 4 Velikiye Luk...   C1
25-JUL-1941Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3469 Aeroflot, MAGON 10 near Nikolayev   C1
27-JUL-1941Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3421 Aeroflot, MAGON 1 Vyazma   C1
31-JUL-1941Short Sunderland I L2166 RAF 8 near Libyan coast...   C1
02-AUG-1941Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3431 Aeroflot, MAGON 0 near Uman   C1
02-AUG-1941Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3429 Aeroflot 4 near Uman   C1
08-AUG-1941Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3919 Aeroflot, MAGON 0 Bereznegovatoye   C1
10-AUG-1941Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3426 Aeroflot, Northern 0 near Voymark   C1
19-AUG-1941Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3483 Aeroflot, MAGON 3 near Yastrebovo, ...   C1
06-SEP-1941Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3923 Aeroflot, MAGON 0 near Leningrad   C1
07-SEP-1941Junkers Ju-52/3m   German AF near Starodub, Br...   C1
10-OCT-1941Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3491 Aeroflot, MAGON 1 near Sevsk   C1
12-OCT-1941Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3494 Aeroflot 0 Kursk area   C1
12-OCT-1941Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3970 Aeroflot 0 near Dmitrovsk   C1
12-OCT-1941Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3978 Aeroflot 0 near Medyn, Smole...   C1
12-OCT-1941Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3496 Aeroflot, MAGON 2 near Sevsk, Oryol...   C1
12-OCT-1941Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3925 Aeroflot, MAGON 3 Mozhaysk   C1
12-OCT-1941Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3936 Aeroflot, MAGON 6 near Gorlovo, Med...   C1
13-OCT-1941Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3449 Aeroflot 0 Kursk area   C1
13-OCT-1941Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3957 Aeroflot 0 near Ladoga   C1
13-OCT-1941Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3419 Aeroflot, MAGON 2 near Chornoye   C1
19-NOV-1941Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3955 Aeroflot 5 near Leningrad-Ko...   C1
30-NOV-1941Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3987 Aeroflot 36 Lake Ladoga   C1
??-NOV-1941Junkers Ju-52/3m 1Z+OK German AF near Tendrovskaya...   C1
08-DEC-1941DH.86B Express A31-8 RAAF 0 Western desert C1
08-DEC-1941Douglas DC-2-120 DG475 RAF 1 near LG-138   C1
21-JAN-1942Consolidated PBY-5 Catalina A24-8 RAAF 3 near Salamaua   C1
21-JAN-1942Consolidated PBY-5 Catalina A24-9 RAAF 8 near Salamaua   C1
22-JAN-1942Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3979 Aeroflot, MAGON 0 Yudino, Temk...   C1
24-JAN-1942Douglas DC-3-194C PK-AFW KNILM 0 near Samarinda, D...   C1
28-JAN-1942Douglas DC-2-112 A30-8 RAAF 0 near Flores Island   C1
29-JAN-1942Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3485 Aeroflot, Northern 0   C1
30-JAN-1942Short S.23 Empire Flying Boat Mk I G-AEUH BOAC, op.for Qantas Empire Airways 13 near Timor C1
31-JAN-1942Douglas R3D-2 (DC-5) 1904 USMC near Australian c...   C1
27-FEB-1942Consolidated PBY-5 Catalina Y-63 Dutch Navy 0 near Sumatra   C1
28-FEB-1942Short S.23 Empire Flying Boat Mk I G-AETZ BOAC, op.for Qantas Empire Airways 22 near Cilacap, Jav... C1
03-MAR-1942Douglas DC-3-194B PK-AFV KNILM 4 Carnot Bay, WA C1
03-MAR-1942Douglas DC-3-194B PK-ALO KNILM 0 Broome Airpo... C1
28-MAR-1942Savoia-Marchetti SM-75 I-BURA LATI near Sicily   C1
01-MAY-1942Junkers Ju-52/3m   German AF 1 near Ajdabiya   C1
04-MAY-1942Consolidated PBY-5 Catalina A24-18 RAAF 0 Bougainville...   C1
12-MAY-1942Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3999 Aeroflot 27   C1
12-MAY-1942Junkers Ju-52/3m 1Z+GV German AF 4 between Male...   C1
26-MAY-1942Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3935 Aeroflot 0   C1
26-JUN-1942Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3948 Aeroflot 4 near Ivantsevo, M...   C1
06-JUL-1942Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3945 Aeroflot Khlevnoye, L...   C1
06-JUL-1942Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3954 Aeroflot 0 Khlevnogo di...   C1
08-JUL-1942DH.86 Express AX840 Royal Navy near Bell Rock, S...   C1
08-JUL-1942Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3437 Aeroflot 0 near ??Yelets   C1
11-JUL-1942Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3981 Aeroflot 0 Novokhopersk...   C1
27-JUL-1942Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3983 Aeroflot 0 near Paskovayka, ...   C1
13-AUG-1942Lioré-et-Olivier H.246.1 F-AREJ Air France 4 near Algiers   C1
13-AUG-1942Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L4007 Aeroflot 3 Verkhnyaya A...   C1
01-SEP-1942Sunderland Mk II T9113 RAAF 11 Bay of Biscay   C1
22-SEP-1942Consolidated Catalina IIIA (PBY-5A) FP525 RAF 0 near Jan Mayen   C1
29-SEP-1942Junkers Ju-52/3m   German AF 1 near Mersa Matruh   C1
26-OCT-1942Junkers Ju-52/3mg6e   German AF 4 between Male...   C1
08-NOV-1942Douglas C-47 (DC-3) 41-7814 USAAF Sebkra   C1
15-NOV-1942Savoia-Marchetti SM-75C I-TELO LATI 4 between Tuni...   C1
24-NOV-1942Douglas C-47 (DC-3) 41-38628 USAAF Popondetta   C1
26-NOV-1942Douglas C-47 (DC-3) 41-38631 USAAF 4 near Dobodura   C1
??-???-1942Douglas DC-2-115E NA+LD German AF near Dno C1
19-JAN-1943Junkers Ju-52/3m   German AF 2 near Gumrak   C1
07-FEB-1943Douglas C-47 (DC-3) 41-38658 USAAF 5 near Wau   C1
04-APR-1943Lockheed 18 Lodestar G-AGEJ BOAC 7 near Skagen, Denm...   C1
07-APR-1943Consolidated Catalina FP138 RAF 3 near Vougo, Normandy   C1
10-APR-1943Savoia-Marchetti SM-75 bis I-BONI LATI 3   C1

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