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Ilyushin Il-76 specs
Last updated: 8 August 2013
Country: Russia
ICAO Type designator:IL76
First flight:25 March 1971
Production ended: in production
Production total:938+
Series: Il-76M: Military transport version
Il-76MD: Improved, long range, military transport version
Il-76MD Adnan-1: Modification with radar in a rotating radome
Il-76MD Simorgh: Modification with radar in a rotating radome
Il-76T: Civil modification of the Il-76M
Il-76TD: Civil modification of the Il-76MD
Il-78: Aerial refuelling tanker
Propulsion:4 jet engines
Maximum number of passengers:140
Maximum take-off mass:190000 kg
ICAO Mass group:4
Design Service Objective:10000 flights
Design Service Objective:30000 flight hours
Design Service Objective:20 years

Ilyushin Il-76 photo

Ilyushin Il-76 file photo (photo: U.S. Air Force)