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Rockwell Sabreliner specs
Last updated: 8 August 2013
Country: United States of America
First flight:16 September 1958
Production ended: 1981
Production total:671
Series: CT-39A: T-39A modified as a cargo and personnel transport
CT-39E: United States Navy cargo/transport version
CT-39G: United States Navy cargo/transport version based on the stretched fuselage Sabreliner 60
Sabreliner 40: Civil production variant two cabin windows each side; 65 built.
Sabreliner 40A: Model 40 with Model 75 wings, improved systems and two CF700 turbofans
Sabreliner 60: Stretched Model 40 for 12 passengers with two JT12A-8 engines; 130 built.
Sabreliner 65: Series 60 with TFE731-3R-1D engines and new Mark V super-critical wing, 76 built.
Sabreliner 70: Renamed Sabreliner 75 after 1971
Sabreliner 75: Series 60A with a raised cabin roof for greater cabin headroom; 9 built.
Sabreliner 75A: Sabreliner 75 powered by two CF700 turbofan engines; 66 built.
Sabreliner 80: Same as 75A
T-39A: Pilot proficiency trainer and utility transport for USAF; 143 built
T-39D: Radar systems trainer for the United States Navy
T-39N: Navy trainer for the Undergraduate Flight Officer Training program.
Propulsion:2 jet engines
Maximum number of passengers:10
Maximum take-off mass:10910 kg
ICAO Mass group:3