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Last updated: 25 May 2017

Aircraft Accident Digest by e-mail- free
Within one or two days after an accident, you will get an e-mail with a summary of the latest information available on the accident.
Only fatal civil aircraft accidents, concerning aircraft capable of carrying 14+ passengers are covered, so you will receive about 20 notifications per year.
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ASN News Flashes by e-mail - US$ 25 per year 1)
Instead of having to visit the Aviation Safety Network website on regular basis to check out the News section.
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ASN Accident Database Updates by e-mail - US$ 25 per year 1)
On a weekly basis (approx.) you will receive an e-mail containing all new accidents that were added to the ASN Accident Database and all entries that were updated with newer information. Changes in the following fields will be monitored: Date, Airrcaft type, Registration, Operator, Casualties, Remarks, Safety actions for changes.
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1) Different charges apply to companies who wish to redistribute the e-mails within their organisation.