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 Silhouette image of generic model; specific model in this crash may look slightly different   Fokker F-27 Friendship
 First flight: 1955

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acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg    
09-MAY-1958 Fairchild F-27 N1027 Fairchild 0 Hagerstown Regional Airport, MD (HGR) w/o
22-OCT-1958 Fairchild F-27 YV-C-EVH AVENSA 0 Porlamar Airport (PMV) sub
09-MAR-1959 Fokker F-27 Friendship 100 PH-NVF Fokker 0 Addis Ababa-Lideta Airport sub
22-JAN-1960 Fokker F-27 Friendship 200 VH-TFK Associated Airlines of Australia 0 Mackay Airport, QLD (MKY) sub
20-APR-1960 Fairchild F-27 N2704R Piedmont Airlines 0+4 near Hickory Airport, NC (HKY) sub
10-JUN-1960 Fokker F-27 Friendship 100 VH-TFB TAA 29 12 km off Mackay, QLD w/o
07-NOV-1960 Fairchild F-27A HC-ADV AREA Ecuador 37 16 km S of Quito w/o
23-SEP-1961 Fokker F-27 Friendship 100 TC-TAY THY 28 ca 18 km from Ankara-Esenboga Airport (ESB) w/o
25-FEB-1962 Fairchild F-27 YV-C-EVH AVENSA 23 10 km from Porlamar w/o
08-MAR-1962 Fairchild F-27 TC-KOP THY 11 Taurus Mountains w/o
08-JUN-1962 Fokker F-27 Friendship 100 VT-DMB Indian Airlines 0 Delhi-Palam Airport (DEL) sub
10-OCT-1962 Fokker F-27 Friendship 200 EP-MRP Iranian Government 4 near Amir Kabir Dam w/o
12-OCT-1962 Fokker F-27 Friendship 100 PI-C503 Philippine Air Lines 3 Manila International Airport (MNL) w/o
17-JAN-1963 Fairchild F-27 N2703 West Coast Airlines 3 Great Salt Lake, UT dst
24-AUG-1963 Fairchild F-27 N2707 West Coast Airlines 0 2,4 km E of Calgary-McCall Field, AB (YYC) w/o
07-MAY-1964 Fairchild F-27A N2770R Pacific Air Lines 44 ca 5 km W of San Ramon, CA w/o
25-JUN-1964 Fokker F-27 Friendship 200 AP-ALO PIA 0 Dhaka-Tejgaon Airport (DAC) w/o
13-SEP-1964 Fokker F-27 Friendship 200 HB-AAI Balair 0 Málaga Airport (AGP) w/o
15-OCT-1964 Fokker F-27 Friendship 100 VT-DOL Indian Airlines 0 Madras Airport (MAA) sub
15-NOV-1964 Fairchild F-27A N745L Bonanza Air Lines 29 13 km S of Las Vegas, NV dst
30-DEC-1964 Fokker F-27 Friendship 100 LN-SUW Braathens SAFE 0 Oslo-Fornebu Airport sub
17-MAR-1965 Fokker F-27 Friendship 200 VH-FNH Ansett-ANA 0 Launceston Airport, TAS (LST) w/o
16-APR-1965 Fairchild F-27F N757L Bonanza Air Lines 0 Las Vegas-McCarran International Airport, NV (LAS) w/o
08-OCT-1965 Fokker F-27 Friendship 200 AP-ATT PIA 4 13 km NW of Patian w/o
11-OCT-1965 Fairchild F-27 Aloha Airlines 0 non
07-FEB-1966 Fokker F-27 Friendship 200 PH-SAB Schreiner Airways, opf. Indian Airlines 37 Banihall Pass dst
25-JUN-1966 Fokker F-27 Friendship 200 XY-ADL Union of Burma Airways 0 Maulmyine Airport (MNU) w/o
18-SEP-1966 Fokker F-27 Friendship 200 JA8617 All Nippon 0 Kagoshima Airport (KOJ) sub
28-FEB-1967 Fokker F-27 Friendship 100 PI-C501 Philippine Air Lines 12 1,5 km SW of Mactan Island-Chicago Naval Air Base (NOP) w/o
10-MAR-1967 Fairchild F-27 N2712 West Coast Airlines 4 6,6 km SE of Klamath Falls-Kingsley Field, OR (LMT) w/o contains link to final investigation report
23-APR-1967 Fokker F-27 Friendship Nigeria Airways 0 Enugu unk
27-APR-1967 Fokker F-27 Friendship 400 PK-PFB Fokker 19 1,3 km from Malaybalay Airport w/o
29-JUN-1967 Fokker F-27 Friendship 100 VT-DOM Indian Airlines 0 Bhubaneswar Airport (BBI) sub
06-JUL-1967 Fokker F-27 Friendship 100 PI-C527 Philippine Air Lines 21 near Bacolod w/o
07-OCT-1967 Fokker F-27 Friendship 200 5N-AAV Biafran AF 8 near Lagos w/o
08-MAR-1968 Fairchild F-27 PI-C871 Air Manila Int. 14 ca 2 km N off Ibajay dst
04-MAY-1968 Fairchild F-27F N27W Eastex Inc 2 Paisano Ranch, TX w/o
09-MAY-1968 Fairchild F-27 PI-C873 Air Manila Int. 0 Davao-Mati Airport (DVO) w/o
12-JUN-1968 Fairchild F-27J CF-GND Great Northern Airways 0 near Resolute Airport, NU (YRB) w/o
10-AUG-1968 Fairchild FH-227B N712U Piedmont Airlines 35 Charleston-Kanawha County Airport, WV (CRW) dst contains link to final investigation report
25-OCT-1968 Fairchild FH-227C N380NE Northeast Airlines 32 15,2 km NE of Lebanon Airport, NH (LEB) dst contains link to final investigation report
06-NOV-1968 Fokker F-27 Friendship Philippine Air Lines 1 Manila International Airport (MNL) min
02-DEC-1968 Fairchild F-27B N4905 Wien Consolidated 39 42 km E of Iliamna Airport, AK (ILI) dst contains link to final investigation report
08-FEB-1969 Fairchild F-27F CF-PAP Stanair 0 Mikaa Lake, AB w/o
14-APR-1969 Fairchild F-27 PI-C870 Air Manila Int. 0 Roscas w/o
21-APR-1969 Fokker F-27 Friendship 200 VT-DOJ Indian Airlines 44 near Khulna Airport (KHL) dst
24-MAY-1969 Fokker F-27 Friendship 600 I-ATIT ATI 1 Reggio Calabria Airport (REG) w/o
07-OCT-1969 Fokker F-27 Friendship 600 VH-FNR Ansett Australia 0 Maryborough Airport (YMYB), Maryborough, QLD sub contains link to final investigation report
10-NOV-1969 Fokker F-27 Friendship 400M 899 Sudan AF 3 near Sudan border w/o
19-NOV-1969 Fairchild FH-227B N7811M Mohawk Airlines 14 17 km N of Glenn Falls-Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport, NY (GFL) w/o contains link to final investigation report
02-DEC-1969 Fokker F-27 Friendship 400M TC-77 LADE 0 Base Marambio, Seymour Island w/o
05-DEC-1969 Fokker F-27 Friendship 200 CR-AIB DETA Moçambique Airlines 0+1 Beira (BEW) sub
20-DEC-1969 Fairchild F-27J CF-GNG Great Northern Airways 0 Inuvik Airport, NT (YEV) w/o
27-DEC-1969 Fokker F-27 Friendship 500 OY-APB Maersk Air 0 0,5 km W of Bornholm Airport (RNN) dst
05-JAN-1970 Fokker F-27 Friendship 600 EC-BOD Iberia 0 La Palma-Buena Vista Airport w/o
24-JAN-1970 Fokker F-27 Friendship 500 PJ-FRE ALM 0 Santiago-Antonio Maceo Airport (SCU) non
25-JAN-1970 Fokker F-27 Friendship 200 9N-AAR Royal Nepal Airlines 1 3 km E of Delhi-Palam Airport (DEL) dst
17-FEB-1970 Fokker F-27 Friendship 100 TC-TEZ THY 0 Samsun Airport (SSX) w/o
14-MAR-1970 Fairchild FH-227B PP-BUF Paraense Transportes Aéreos 38 0,8 km off Belém/Val-de-Cans International Airport , PA (BEL) w/o
28-MAR-1970 Fokker F-27 Friendship 200 CR-AIB DETA 4 Lourenço Marques Airport (MPM) dst
09-MAY-1970 Fokker F-27 Friendship 100 PI-C532 Philippine Air Lines 1 Iligan-Maria Cristina Airport (IGN) w/o
12-MAY-1970 Fokker F-27 Friendship 500 PJ-FRM ALM 0 Havana unk
02-JUN-1970 Fokker F-27 Friendship 100 PI-C507 Philippine Air Lines 1 near Roxas min
07-JUN-1970 Fokker F-27 Friendship 200 VT-DVG Indian Airlines 0 Agartala-Singerbhil Airport (IXA) w/o
10-JUN-1970 Fokker F-27 Friendship 400M TC-75 LADE 5 near Huaricanga w/o
01-JUL-1970 Fokker F-27 Friendship 200 PI-C504 Philippine Air Lines 0 Dumaguete Airport (DGT) w/o
22-JUL-1970 Fokker F-27-500 PJ-FRE ALM 0 Dr. Albert Plesman Int Airport, Hato sub
06-AUG-1970 Fokker F-27 Friendship 200 AP-ALM PIA 30 20 km SE of Rawalpindi w/o
29-AUG-1970 Fokker F-27 Friendship 400 VT-DWT Indian Airlines 39 19 km from Silchar-Kumbhirgram Airport (IXS) dst
26-SEP-1970 Fokker F-27 Friendship 300 TF-FIL Icelandair 8 Myggenaes Island, Faroe Islands dst
31-DEC-1970 Fokker F-27 Friendship 200 AP-AUV PIA 7 near Shamshernagar Airport (ZHM) w/o
04-JAN-1971 Fokker F-27 Friendship 200 5X-AAP East African Airways 0 Nairobi sub
23-JAN-1971 Fokker F-27 Friendship 500 HL5212 KAL 2 near Sokcho w/o
02-FEB-1971 Fokker F-27 Friendship 100 VT-DMA Indian Airlines 0 Lahore Airport (LHE) dst
26-MAR-1971 Fokker F-27 Friendship 200 VH-FNE Ansett 0 Melbourne-Essendon Airport, VIC (MEB) w/o
04-APR-1971 Fokker F-27 Friendship 200 5N-AAX Nigeria Airways 0 Jos Airport (JOS) w/o
13-JUL-1971 Fokker F-27 Friendship 100 VT-DOL Indian Airlines 0 Gauhati-Borjhar Airport (GAU) sub
17-AUG-1971 Fokker F-27 Friendship 500 F-BPUJ Air France 0 Prechareaux, Vouneuil-sous-Biard (Vienne) sub
23-NOV-1971 Fokker F-27 Friendship 500 9V-BCU MSA 0 Kota Kinabalu Airport (BKI) w/o
06-DEC-1971 Fokker F-27 Friendship 200 ST-AAY Sudan Airways 10 Kapoeta w/o
12-DEC-1971 Fokker F-27 Friendship 200 AP-ALX PIA 4 near Iranian border w/o
16-DEC-1971 Fairchild F-27M CP-862 LAB 2 Cochabamba unk
26-JAN-1972 Fairchild FH-227B N7817M Mohawk Airlines 1 Poughkeepsie-Dutchess County Airport, NY (POU) unk
05-FEB-1972 Fairchild F-27 HK-1139 TAC Colombia 19 near Valledupar Airport (VUP) w/o
03-MAR-1972 Fairchild FH-227B N7818M Mohawk Airlines 16+1 6 km S of Albany Airport, NY (ALB) w/o contains link to final investigation report
16-APR-1972 Fokker F-27 Friendship 200 I-ATIP ATI 18 near Ardinello di Amaseno w/o
10-MAY-1972 Fokker F-27 Friendship 400M ST-ADX Sudan Airways 0 El Obeid Airport (EBD) w/o
21-MAY-1972 Fokker F-27 Friendship 200 CR-LLD DTA 22 3 km NW off Lobito Airport w/o
12-AUG-1972 Fokker F-27 Friendship 100 VT-DME Indian Airlines 18 1,5 km S of Delhi-Palam Airport (DEL) dst
18-AUG-1972 Fairchild F-27 TC-KOC THY 0 Istanbul-Yesilköy Airport (IST) w/o
16-SEP-1972 Fairchild F-27 PI-C892 Air Manila Int. 0 near Roxas sub
26-SEP-1972 Fokker F-27 Friendship 600 PK-GFP Garuda 3 near Jakarta-Kemayoran Airport (JKT) w/o
06-OCT-1972 Fokker F-27 Friendship ATI 1 Trieste-Ronchi dei Legionari Airport (TRS) unk
13-OCT-1972 Fairchild FH-227D T-571 Uruguayan AF 29 near El Tiburcio dst
30-OCT-1972 Fokker F-27 Friendship 200 I-ATIR ATI 27 near Poggiorsini dst
15-NOV-1972 Fokker F-27 Friendship 200 VH-FNI Ansett 1 Alice Springs Airport, NT (ASP) unk
08-DEC-1972 Fokker F-27 Friendship 600 AP-AUS PIA 26 near Jalkot w/o
28-MAY-1973 Fokker F-27 Friendship 200 AP-AUW PIA 0 Lyallpur w/o
20-JUL-1973 Fokker F-27 Friendship 100 VT-DMD Indian Airlines 0 Calcutta Airport (CCU) sub
23-JUL-1973 Fairchild FH-227B N4215 Ozark Air Lines 38 3,7 km SE of Saint Louis-Lambert International Airport, MO (STL) w/o contains link to final investigation report

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