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Last updated: 25 October 2021
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acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg    
08-JUL-2021 Mil Mi-35 Zimbabwe Air Force 0 Chitungwiza sub
23-APR-2021 Agusta-Bell AB 412 65. Air Force of Zimbabwe (AFZ) 3+1 Ruwa, 22km south-east of Harare w/o
13-JAN-2021 Embraer ERJ-170LR ZS-YBC Airlink 0 Harare-Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport (HRE/FVRG) unk
13-JAN-2021 Cessna 210M Centurion ZS-IZG Private 0 Chibuyu, 180 km from Binga w/o
24-NOV-2020 SIAI-Marchetti SF.260 Air Force of Zimbabwe (AFZ) 2 Dabuka in Somabula, Gweru w/o
23-OCT-2020 Cessna 182A Skylane Z-YXY Zambezi Valley Parks and Wildlife Management Authority 1 Chewore area, Zambezi Valley w/o
08-JUL-2019 Boeing 747-406ERF PH-CKA Martinair 0 over Chitungwiza min
29-DEC-2018 Aérospatiale Alouette III Air Force of Zimbabwe 0 Mchakazi sub
23-NOV-2018 Cessna 206 Stationair 6 II Z-BRS Private 5 Chamanjirenje Hill, Ngundu w/o
23-AUG-2017 Bell 206B JetRanger III Z-HOT ZimParks 0 Hwange National Park, Matabeleland North Province w/o
27-MAR-2017 BN-2A-3 Islander C9-AOV ETA Air Charter 6 ca 23 km SE of Mutare Airport (UTA) w/o
07-MAR-2017 Beechcraft 58 Baron Z-WIG Private 0 Bulawayo-Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo International Airport (BUQ/FVBU) unk
10-JAN-2017 Cessna 206 Z-THL Central Air Transport Services 0 Ward 19, Kennilworth w/o
21-FEB-2016 Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner ET-AOQ Ethiopian Airlines 0 Harare Airport (HRE) sub
23-APR-2015 Nanchang K-8 Karakorum Air Force of Zimbabwe (AFZ) 0 Gweru, near Thornhill airbase w/o
04-SEP-2014 SIAI-Marchetti SF.260F Air Force of Zimbabwe (AFZ) 2 near Charles Prince Airport w/o
30-AUG-2014 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III Z-SCA Zambezi Helicopter Company 0 Victoria Falls sub
10-AUG-2014 Cessna TU206G Stationair ZS-PFJ Halstead Aviation 0 Victoria Falls resort town w/o
05-MAY-2014 Agusta A119 Koala ZS-RSL Abalengani Helicopters 0 West Nicholson w/o
05-MAY-2014 helicopter Private 0 Gwanda, Matabeleland South w/o
12-JAN-2014 Robinson R44 ZS-RYB ? Private 1 Near Mopane Business Centre 5km from Gwanda Town w/o
25-APR-2012 Cessna 182 Z-MIN Private 0 Gwayi Forestry area near Insuza in Matabeleland North w/o
04-JAN-2012 Rockwell S-2R Thrush Commander Z-WNN Agricair 0 Headlands, Wakefield Farm sub
  -OCT-2011 Thrush S2R-T34 Z-WSD Agricair 0 Bishopstone sub
20-AUG-2011 Hongdu K-8 Karakorum Zimbabwe Air Force 0 min
20-AUG-2011 Hongdu K-8 Karakorum Zimbabwe Air Force 0 min
20-JAN-2011 Boeing 737-3U8 5Y-KQD Kenya Airways 0 Harare Airport (HRE/FVHA) non
28-AUG-2010 Beechcraft 36 Bonanza Z-ROS Private 0 Outside a school in Harare's North-western suburbs. sub
03-NOV-2009 Xian MA60 Z-WPJ Air Zimbabwe 0 Harare Airport (HRE) sub
05-SEP-2008 Nanchang K-8 Karakorum Zimbabwe Air Force 2 Thornhill Air Base, Gweru w/o
29-APR-2008 Beech B200 Super King Air ZS-LYA Private 0 Harare Airport (HRE) sub
12-MAR-2008 Piper PA-24 Z-YPU Private 2 Harare International Airport w/o
26-JAN-2008 Xian MA60 Air Zimbabwe 0 Bulawayo-Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo International Airport (BUQ) sub
23-AUG-2007 helicopter Private 1 Zambezi River w/o
01-APR-2005 Sud Aviation SE 3160 Alouette III 7509 Air Force of Zimbabwe (AFZ) 0 Zomba area of Gokwe w/o
24-FEB-2005 CASA C-212 Aviocar 200 Zimbabwe AF 2 Harare Airport (HRE) w/o
18-OCT-2003 Beechcraft 95-55 Baron * Z-GPJ Private 3+1 Kuwadzana, Harare w/o
23-JAN-2001 Chengdu F-7IIN Zimbabwe Air Force 0 Kinshasa w/o
23-JAN-2001 Chengdu F-7IIN Zimbabwe Air Force 0 Lubumbashi w/o
22-JAN-2001 Chengdu F-7IIN Zimbabwe Air Force 0 w/o
22-FEB-2000 Boeing 767-366ER SU-GAO EgyptAir 0 Harare Airport (HRE) sub
06-DEC-1999 SIAI-Marchetti SF.260TP Zimbabwe Air Force 2 near Thornhill AB w/o
17-MAR-1999 Chengdu F-7M Zimbabwe Air Force w/o
25-MAY-1998 Cessna 404 Titan Courier II VH-WGH World Geoscience Corporation near Nkayi w/o
10-MAR-1998 BAe-146-100 A2-ABD Air Botswana 0 Hwange Airport (WKI) sub
  -   -1997 CASA C-212 Aviocar 200 801 Zimbabwe AF Harare ? w/o
  -SEP-1997 BAe Hawk T60 Zimbabwe Air Force 2 w/o
28-SEP-1997 Piper PA-32-260 Z-WJG Harare Airport unk
07-SEP-1997 Piper PA-28-180C Z-WMN 0 Hippo Valley Airstrip w/o
29-JUL-1997 Piper PA-32-260 Z-WGK Mberengwa unk
17-JUL-1997 Cessna 185B Z-LUL Seaplane Safaris 5 Chindu Island, Victoria Falls w/o
15-JUL-1997 Cessna U206F Z-WOB Southern Cross Aviation. 0 Redcliff Island, Lake Kariba,Zimbabwe w/o
22-JUN-1997 Cessna T210M ZS-JYN Private 4 Rokari Musampg Lagoonj, Lake Kariba w/o
10-MAR-1997 Aero Commander S-2R Z-WJY Makoni Farm unk
06-MAR-1997 Fulcrum 912 Z-ULAB Victoria Falls unk
18-FEB-1997 Rockwell S-2R Thrush Commander Z-WJJ Agricair Glendale unk
22-OCT-1996 Cessna U206G Z-WSS Private 0 Chizaniya Airstrip w/o
17-OCT-1996 Fulcrum 912 Z-ULAB Victoria Falls min
28-JAN-1996 Douglas DC-8-55F Z-WSB Affretair 0 Harare Airport (HRE) w/o
  -FEB-1995 Chengdu F-7IIN Air Force of Zimbabwe (AFZ) 1 near Lalapanzi w/o
14-NOV-1994 Chengdu F-7IIN 700 Zimbabwe Air Force w/o
06-APR-1994 Sud Aviation SE 3160 Alouette III 504 Zimbabwe Air Force w/o
07-OCT-1993 BAe Hawk T60 600 Air Force of Zimbabwe (AFZ) 0 near Thornhill AFB, Gweru w/o
12-JAN-1993 Sud Aviation SE 3160 Alouette III 548 Zimbabwe Air Force w/o
12-JUN-1990 Agusta-Bell AB 412 650 Zimbabwe Air Force 5 Sanyati w/o
19-JUN-1989 Hawker Hunter FGA.9 105 Zimbabwe Air Force w/o
05-MAY-1989 Cessna 402 Z-... Executive Air 8 near Chiredzi w/o
20-SEP-1988 Douglas C-47A (DC-3) Z-WRJ Crest Breeders 0 5 km from Harare Airport (HRE) w/o
25-AUG-1988 Cessna FTB337G Super Skymaster Zimbabwe Air Force 2 Thornhill AB near Gweru w/o
24-JAN-1987 Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche C Z-WGR Private 0 Bumi Hills, 65 km WSW Kariba airport w/o
07-JUN-1986 Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche C ZS-ICB Johannesburg School of Flying 0 near Harare, Zimbabwe sub
03-APR-1986 Cessna FTB337G Super Skymaster 3417 Zimbabwe Air Force 1 Beatrice, 50 km SSW Harare w/o
09-MAR-1986 Piper PA-32-260 Cherokee Six Z-YRS R Anderson (Private) 1 Darwendale unk
13-SEP-1985 Beechcraft B55 Baron Z-WKO Halstead Brothers Transport and Travel Co. 2 Beza Mts. unk
30-JUL-1985 BN-2A Islander Z-WHX United Air Charters 1 Luabo sub
  -JUL-1984 Vickers 756D Viscount Z-YNI Air Zimbabwe 0 Harare ? w/o
25-JUL-1982 Cessna FTB337G Super Skymaster 3044 Zimbabwe Air Force 0 Thornhill AFB w/o
25-JUL-1982 BAe Hawk T.60 602 Zimbabwe Air Force 0 Thornhill AFB, Gweru w/o
25-JUL-1982 Hawker Hunter FGA.80 8100 Zimbabwe Air Force 0 Thornhill AFB w/o
05-FEB-1982 Canadair CL-44D4-2 TR-LVO Affretair 0 Salisbury Airport (HRE) w/o
25-DEC-1980 Atlas C4M Kudu (AL.60) 975 South African Air Force (SAAF) 0 w/o
18-DEC-1980 Douglas C-47A (DC-3) 3711 Zimbabwe AF near Marandellas w/o
27-DEC-1979 Westland Puma HC.1 (SA 330E) XW228 RAF 3 near Mtoko, Rhodesia w/o
12-FEB-1979 Vickers 748D Viscount VP-YND Air Rhodesia 59 near Kariba w/o
03-SEP-1978 Vickers 782D Viscount VP-WAS Air Rhodesia 38 Whamira Hills w/o
13-NOV-1977 de Havilland DH.100 Vampire FB Mk 9 R1386 2 Sqn RhodAF 1 Motoko Area w/o
04-MAY-1977 Cessna FTB337G Super Skymaster R4306 Rhodesian Air Force 1+1 S of Umtali w/o
14-MAR-1977 Cessna FTB337G Super Skymaster R4321 Rhodesian Air Force 0 Mtoko w/o
13-JAN-1977 de Havilland DH.115 Vampire T Mk 11 R1318 Rhodesia Air Force 0 near Thornhill w/o
06-JAN-1977 Douglas C-47B (DC-3) R7034 Rhodesian AF 3 near Chiredzi-Buffalo Range Airport (BFO) w/o
21-OCT-1976 de Havilland Vampire R1833 Rhodesia Air Force 1 near Que Que w/o
02-SEP-1976 Cessna FTB337G Super Skymaster 3413 Rhodesian Air Force 1 NE Rhodesia w/o
14-JUL-1976 Cessna 185A Skywagon 712 South African Air Force (SAAF) 4 Umtali (Mutare) River Mouth, Rhodesia w/o
16-FEB-1976 Cessna 185D Skywagon R116 Rhodesian Air Force 1 near Umtali (Mutare), Rhodesia w/o
23-DEC-1975 Aérospatiale Alouette III R5697 Rhodesia Air Force 5 Umtali area w/o
01-OCT-1975 Cessna 182H ZS-EFM Private(F van Niekerk) 4 Que-Que strip w/o
30-JUN-1975 de Havilland DH.115 Vampire T Mk 11 R4223 Rhodesia Air Force 1 Gwelo area w/o
19-JUN-1975 Percival Provost T52 R3609 Rhodesian Air Force 1 Gwelo area, Rhodesia w/o
21-FEB-1975 Douglas C-47B (DC-3) R3707 Rhodesian AF 0 Rushinga Forward Airfield sub
17-DEC-1974 Aermacchi AL.60F-5 Trojan R4326 Rhodesia Air Force 3 Mushumbi Pools w/o

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