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Last updated: 16 January 2022
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7 occurrences in the ASN safety database

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acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg    
27-MAY-2009 Aero SP AT-4 LSA N708GB Private 0 Venice Municipal Airport (KVNC), Florida sub
28-JUL-2010 Aero AT-4 LSA N8549S Private 1 Near Delaware Municipal Airport (KDLZ), Delaware, Ohio sub contains link to final investigation report
31-MAY-2011 Aero AT-4 LSA N709PR Southern Maine Aviation Llc 0 Concord Municipal Airport - KCON, NH sub contains link to final investigation report
29-JUL-2012 Aero AT-4 LSA 9M - EYM Private 1 Kampung Parit Puasa, Ayer Baloi w/o
29-APR-2015 Aero AT-4 LSA N344UA Gobosh Aviation 0 Black Forest, NE of USAF Academy Airfield (KAFF), Colorado Springs, CO sub contains link to final investigation report
04-AUG-2016 Aero AT-4 LSA N703GB Flowmeter Services LLC 0 Northampton Airport (7B2), Northampton, MA min
31-JAN-2017 Aero AT-4 LSA 0 Centennial Airport (KAPA), Denver, CO min