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 Silhouette image of generic model; specific model in this crash may look slightly different   Cessna 182 Skylane
 First flight: 1956

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acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg    
01-APR-1957 Cessna 182 Skylane ZK-BRI Tauranga Air Services Ltd 0 Tauranga, Bay of Plenty 1 unk
24-MAY-1957 Cessna 182 CX-ASK private 2 Sesecapa/Tapachula, OAX w/o
11-SEP-1957 Cessna 182 Skylane ZK-BRI Tauranga Air Services Ltd Feilding, Manawatu 2 unk
12-DEC-1957 Cessna 182A PI-C482 private 4 southern Philippines w/o
21-APR-1958 Cessna 182 N.... private 0 Malheur National Forest 30 mi W of John Day, OR w/o
30-SEP-1958 Cessna 182A Skylane D-ENES Handelskontor Erftland 2 near Ourense w/o
30-JAN-1959 Cessna 182 Skylane N.... Cessna Aircraft Co 1 near La Guardia Airport, NY w/o
02-MAY-1959 Cessna 182 N.... Jack Daniels, Inc. 1 within Montana w/o
01-NOV-1959 Cessna 182B N2578G private 3 5 mi E of Idyllwild, CA w/o
01-NOV-1959 Cessna 182 N.... private 1 near Hemet, CA w/o
20-DEC-1959 Cessna 182 N…. Private 4 Frazier Mountain near Gorman, CA w/o
04-JAN-1960 Cessna 182 Skylane N.... Fly-Safe Aviation 1 Tucson Muni Airport, AZ w/o
21-FEB-1960 Cessna 182 N.... private 0 near Helena, MT sub
23-MAY-1960 Cessna 182 N2456G private 4 Rutherford, NJ w/o
25-SEP-1960 Cessna 182 LV-PXC 1 near Puntarenas ? w/o
18-MAR-1961 Cessna 182 N2238C private 5 Signal Peak near Van Horn, TX w/o
05-MAY-1961 Cessna 182C G-ARAA Airwork Services Ltd 3 St. Catherines Hill, Blackgang, Isle Of Wight w/o
18-MAY-1961 Cessna 182A N1234R Safe Fyers Inc 4 near Kimball, NE w/o
03-JUL-1961 Cessna 182 N.... private 3 near Elizabethton, TN w/o
06-JUL-1961 Cessna 182 N6411A private 4 off Red Oak Island, OH w/o
23-OCT-1961 Cessna 182B LV-GSF private 1 near Ubatuba, SP w/o
05-NOV-1961 Cessna 182 N.... private 2 3 mi from Santa Fe Airport, NM w/o
18-NOV-1961 Cessna 182 LV-CEZ 0 Don Torcuato, BA w/o
02-DEC-1961 Cessna 182 N.... private Arizona mis
31-MAR-1962 Cessna 182C Skylane VR-TBW Colonial Pesticides Research Unit Cameron's Farm, Oljoro sub
01-APR-1962 Cessna 182A N2101G private 3 near Lake Georgia, FL w/o
26-SEP-1962 Cessna 182 PT-BHV 1 Missing mis
10-NOV-1962 Cessna 182 N.... private 4 15 mi SW of Baker, CA w/o
  -DEC-1962 Cessna 182 N.... private 3 20 m NW of Blythe, CA w/o
02-FEB-1963 Cessna 182 XB-FIS private 4 Guadalajara, JAL w/o
18-FEB-1963 Cessna 182D CC-SNA Club Aero de Ancud 3 Chepu, Chiloé w/o
22-MAR-1963 Cessna 182A N9963B private 3 Mariposa, COA w/o
01-JAN-1964 Cessna 182C Skylane N8951T Private 0 Grady, Arkansas sub
03-JAN-1964 Cessna 182A Skylane N5091D Private 0 Ontario, California sub
04-JAN-1964 Cessna 182A Skylane N3982D Private 0 Fewton, Michigan sub
04-JAN-1964 Cessna 182G Skylane N3752U Private 0 Presidio, Texas sub
04-JAN-1964 Cessna 182A Skylane N2204G Private 0 Kingston, Oklahoma sub
09-JAN-1964 Cessna 182B Skylane N7197E Private 0 Garnet, California sub
11-JAN-1964 Cessna 182F Skylane N3343U Private 1 Near Thernopolis, Wyoming w/o
13-JAN-1964 Cessna 182 Skylane N8867X Non commercial 1 Near Fresno, California w/o
14-JAN-1964 Cessna 182A Skylane N2135G Non commercial 0 Hood River, Oregan w/o
14-JAN-1964 Cessna 182 Skylane N5468B Non commercial 0 Liberty Farms, California w/o
15-JAN-1964 Cessna 182C Skylane N9023T Non commercial 2 Near Horicon, Wisconsin w/o
16-JAN-1964 Cessna 182F Skylane N3652U Non commercial 0 Pryor, Oklahoma sub
17-JAN-1964 Cessna 182F (L-182F) 16731 Canadian Army Air Component 1 northern Ontario w/o
17-JAN-1964 Cessna 182 Skylane N5598B Non commercial 4 Lakeview, Oregan w/o
17-JAN-1964 Cessna 182 Skylane N7206E Non commercial 1 Near Brookwood, Alabama w/o
18-JAN-1964 Cessna 182 Skylane N6483A Non commercial 0 Ada, Oklahoma w/o
18-JAN-1964 Cessna 182C Skylane N8468T Non commercial 0 Vincennes, Indiana sub
20-JAN-1964 Cessna 182E Skylane N2814Y Non commercial 0 El Paso, Texas sub
20-JAN-1964 Cessna 182 Skylane N6107B Non commercial 0 San Francisco, California sub
21-JAN-1964 Cessna 182F Skylane N3180U Non commercial 0 Northbrook, Illinois sub
21-JAN-1964 Cessna 182 Skylane N7236E Non commercial 0 John Day, Oregan sub
23-JAN-1964 Cessna 182E Skylane N3195Y Non commercial 0 Muleje sub
25-JAN-1964 Cessna 182A Skylane N2203G Non commercial 0 El Paso, Texas sub
25-JAN-1964 Cessna 182R Skylane N9329X Non commercial 0 Hollister, California w/o
02-FEB-1964 Cessna 182 Skylane N5476B Non commercial 0 Dawsonville, Maryland sub
02-FEB-1964 Cessna 182A Skylane N3949D Non commercial 0 Dyer, Indiana sub
03-FEB-1964 Cessna 182C Skylane N8816T Non commercial 0 Trinidad, Colorado sub
05-FEB-1964 Cessna 182C Skylane N314NF Non commercial 0 Grayling AFB, Michigan sub
05-FEB-1964 Cessna 182 Skylane N5547B Non commercial 0 Northbrook, Illinois sub
06-FEB-1964 Cessna 182F Skylane N2101Z Non commercial 0 New Orleans, Louisiana sub
07-FEB-1964 Cessna 182 Skylane N2528G Commercial 0 Borrego Pass, New Mexico sub
07-FEB-1964 Cessna 182 Skylane N5773B Non commercial 0 Broken Arrow, Oklahoma sub
08-FEB-1964 Cessna 182B Skylane N7266E Commercial 0 Phoenix, Arizona sub
08-FEB-1964 Cessna 182 Skylane N8425T Non commercial 0 Watsonville Airport, Watsonville, California sub
09-FEB-1964 Cessna 182F Skylane N3637U Non commercial 0 Ontario, California sub
09-FEB-1964 Cessna 182C Skylane N8660T Non commercial 3 Prosser, Washington w/o
10-FEB-1964 Cessna 182K PT-DCA Goiás state w/o
16-FEB-1964 Cessna 182A Skylane N4019D Commercial 0 Walterboro, South Carolina sub
21-FEB-1964 Cessna 182C Skylane N8985T Non commercial 0 Griffith, Indiana sub
22-FEB-1964 Cessna 182C Skylane N8869T Non commercial 0 Clearwater, Florida sub
22-FEB-1964 Cessna 182A Skylane N2045G Non commercial 0 Napa, California sub
23-FEB-1964 Cessna 182D Skylane N8901X Non commercial 0 Piqua, Ohio sub
24-FEB-1964 Cessna 182 Skylane N5562B Non commercial 0 Fort Madison, Iowa sub
28-FEB-1964 Cessna 182C Skylane N8628T Non commercial 0 La Porte, Texas sub
29-FEB-1964 Cessna 182G Skylane N2056R Non commercial 0 Shepp Ranch, Idaho sub
01-MAR-1964 Cessna 182C Skylane N8637T Non commercial 0 Silver Ranch Airport, Jaffrey, New Hampshire sub
06-MAR-1964 Cessna 182E Skylane N9213X Non commercial 0 Sedalia Airport, Missouri w/o
07-MAR-1964 Cessna 182C Skylane N8579T Non commercial 0 Mt. Magazine, Arkansas w/o
07-MAR-1964 Cessna 182D Skylane N9109X Non commercial 0 League Municipal, Teague, Texas sub
09-MAR-1964 Cessna 182E Skylane N3511Y Non commercial 0 Bates Airport, Mobile, Alabama sub
09-MAR-1964 Cessna 182 Skylane N2219G Non commercial 0 Eagle Lake Airport, California sub
09-MAR-1964 Cessna 182A Skylane N5905B Non commercial 0 Martinsdale, Iowa sub
13-MAR-1964 Cessna 182D N8883X Non Commercial 0 Strother Field, Winfield, Kansas sub
15-MAR-1964 Cessna 182 N6243A Non Commercial 0 Shelbyville, Tennessee sub
17-MAR-1964 Cessna 182B N3487G Non Commercial 0 Flabob, Riverside, California sub
21-MAR-1964 Cessna 182E N2990Y Non Commercial 0 Coulias, Conner, Montana sub
22-MAR-1964 Cessna 182F CF-JPO Non Commercial 0 Anacortes, Washington sub
25-MAR-1964 Cessna 182A N4737D Non Commercial 3 Near Sarita, Texas w/o
27-MAR-1964 Cessna 182A N5019D Non Commercial 0 Selfridge AFB, Michigan sub
27-MAR-1964 Cessna 182 N1380U Non Commercial 0 Portage Municipal, Portage, Wisconsin sub
27-MAR-1964 Cessna 182G N3683U Non Commercial 0 Blythe, California sub
30-MAR-1964 Cessna 182E N9282X Non Commercial 0 Hutchinson, Kansas sub
01-APR-1964 Cessna 182 N6447A Private 1 Near Wichita Falls, Texas w/o
03-APR-1964 Cessna 182F N3625U Non Commercial 0 Yosemite National Park, California sub
04-APR-1964 Cessna 182A N3720D Non Commercial 0 Washington National, Washington sub
05-APR-1964 Cessna 182A N4865D Non Commercial 0 Union, Lincoln, Nebraska sub
06-APR-1964 Cessna 182 N8739X Miscellanous 0 South Hill, Virginia sub
08-APR-1964 Cessna 182F N3518U Non Commercial 0 Mineral Wells, Texas sub

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