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Last updated: 14 October 2020
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acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg    
date unk. Lisunov Li-2F 39 Polish AF 0 w/o
date unk. Lisunov Li-2 CCCP-L4407 Aeroflot / West Siberia Yamal Peninsula w/o
date unk. Lisunov Li-2 CCCP-63916 Aeroflot / Yakutsk nr Tiksi w/o
date unk. Lisunov Li-2 Unknown nr Ugulan w/o
date unk. Douglas C-47A (DC-3) HK-1505 Unknown 0 within Bahamas w/o
date unk. Douglas C-47D (DC-3) 43-49023 USAAF Unknown w/o
09-FEB-1937 Douglas DC-3A-197 NC16073 United Airlines 11 3 km NE off San Francisco Municipal Airport, CA (SFO) w/o
03-APR-1937 Douglas DC-3-194B PH-ALP KLM 8 ca 32 km NW of McNary, AZ dst
06-OCT-1937 Douglas DC-3-194B PH-ALS KLM 4 Palembang-Talang Betoetoe Airport (PLM) w/o
17-OCT-1937 Douglas DC-3A-197 NC16074 United Airlines 19 32 km S of Knight, WY dst
24-MAY-1938 Douglas DST-A-207A (DC-3) NC18108 United Airlines 10 14 km E of Cleveland Municipal Airport, OH (CLE) w/o
15-JUL-1938 Douglas DC-3-228 NC18114 Pan Am 0+1 Morón, BA w/o
10-NOV-1938 Douglas DC-3 J-BDO. Japan Air Transport Fukuoka unk
14-NOV-1938 Douglas DC-3-194D PH-ARY KLM 6 Amsterdam-Schiphol Municipal Airport (AMS) w/o
29-NOV-1938 Douglas DC-3A-191 NC16066 United Airlines 5 1,2 km off Point Reyes, CA w/o
10-MAY-1940 Douglas DC-3-194F PH-AST KLM 0 Amsterdam-Schiphol Municipal Airport (AMS) w/o
10-MAY-1940 Douglas DC-3-194F PH-ASP KLM 0 Amsterdam-Schiphol Municipal Airport (AMS) w/o
10-MAY-1940 Douglas DC-3-194D PH-ARX KLM 0 Amsterdam-Schiphol Municipal Airport (AMS) w/o
10-MAY-1940 Douglas DC-3-194B PH-ALU KLM 0 Amsterdam-Schiphol Municipal Airport (AMS) w/o
23-MAY-1940 Douglas DC-3-227B OO-AUI Sabena, opf. RAF 1 near Arques w/o
07-AUG-1940 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3409 Aeroflot 18 near Novosibirsk w/o
23-AUG-1940 Douglas DC-3-227 YR-PIF LARES 11 near Risculita w/o
31-AUG-1940 Douglas DC-3-313 NC21789 Pennsylvania-Central Airlines 25 near Lovettsville, VA dst
21-SEP-1940 Douglas DC-3-194B G-AGBC BOAC Heston Airport w/o
29-OCT-1940 Douglas DC-3-220 D-AAIH Deutsche Lufthansa 2 Berlin-Tempelhof Airport (THF) w/o
04-NOV-1940 Douglas DC-3-197 NC16086 United Airlines 10 near Centerville, UT w/o
23-NOV-1940 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3405 Aeroflot / Georgia 4 near Ordzhonikidze w/o
24-NOV-1940 Douglas DC-3-194D G-AGBI BOAC 0 Whitchurch Airfield w/o
04-DEC-1940 Douglas DC-3A-197C NC25678 United Airlines 10 0,5 km SW of Chicago Municipal Airport, IL (MDW) dst
12-JAN-1941 Douglas DC-3A-197 NC16072 United Airlines 0 Salt Lake City Municipal Airport, UT (SLC) w/o
23-JAN-1941 Douglas DC-3B-202 NC17315 TWA 2 0,7 km W of Saint Louis Airport, MO dst
26-FEB-1941 Douglas DST-318A (DC-3) NC28394 Eastern Air Lines 8 N of Jonesboro, GA w/o contains link to final investigation report
10-MAR-1941 Douglas DC-3-277C NC15592 American Airlines 0 Cincinnati Municipal Airport, OH (LUK) sub
03-APR-1941 Douglas DC-3-201B NC21727 Eastern Air Lines 0 18 km WSW of Vero Beach, FL w/o contains link to final investigation report
25-APR-1941 Douglas DC-3-196A URSS-C Aeroflot 0 Moscow w/o
19-JUN-1941 Douglas DC-3-227 YR-PAF LARES 0 Bucharest sub
29-JUN-1941 Lisunov PS-84 Soviet AF 0 Pskov-Kresty w/o
29-JUN-1941 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3433 Aeroflot, MAGON 0 Vayenga w/o
07-JUL-1941 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3470 Aeroflot, MAGON 0 Rogachov, Gomel region w/o
24-JUL-1941 Douglas C-50B (DC-3-397) 41-7705 USAAF 0 Dayton-Wright Patterson AAF, OH (FFO) w/o
26-JUL-1941 Douglas DC-3 Soviet AF 7 Lake Sig, Tver region w/o
26-JUL-1941 Lisunov PS-84 URSS-M138 Aeroflot, MAGON 0 Lake Sabro, Ostashkov district w/o
26-JUL-1941 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3469 Aeroflot, MAGON 10 35 km NW of Nikolayev w/o
27-JUL-1941 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3421 Aeroflot, MAGON 1 Vyazma w/o
  -JUL-1941 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3939 Aeroflot 4 Velikiye Luki Airport (VLU) w/o
06-AUG-1941 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3411 Soviet AF 2 within Russia w/o
17-SEP-1941 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3985 Aeroflot 0 Novaya Ladoga w/o
03-OCT-1941 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3926 Aeroflot 1 Vyazma-Dvoyevka w/o
09-OCT-1941 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3917 Aeroflot, MAGON 0 near Kozelsk w/o
10-OCT-1941 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3491 Aeroflot, MAGON 1 near Sevsk w/o
12-OCT-1941 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3494 Aeroflot 0 Kursk area w/o
12-OCT-1941 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3970 Aeroflot 0 near Dmitrovsk w/o
12-OCT-1941 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3978 Aeroflot 0 near Medyn, Smolensk region w/o
12-OCT-1941 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3496 Aeroflot, MAGON 2 near Sevsk, Oryol region w/o
12-OCT-1941 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3925 Aeroflot, MAGON 3 Mozhaysk w/o
12-OCT-1941 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3936 Aeroflot, MAGON 6 near Gorlovo, Medyn district, Smolensk region w/o
13-OCT-1941 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3449 Aeroflot 0 Kursk area w/o
13-OCT-1941 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3957 Aeroflot 0 near Ladoga w/o
13-OCT-1941 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3419 Aeroflot, MAGON 2 near Chornoye w/o
27-OCT-1941 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3930 Aeroflot 0 Shibenets w/o
29-OCT-1941 Lisunov PS-84 Soviet AF 24 SW of Golodyayevka w/o
30-OCT-1941 Douglas DC-3A-269 NC21712 Northwest Airlines 14 Moorhead, MN dst contains link to final investigation report
30-OCT-1941 Douglas DC-3-277B NC25663 American Airlines 20 W of St. Thomas, ON dst contains link to final investigation report
14-NOV-1941 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3488 Aeroflot 14 2 km S of Akchernya w/o
14-NOV-1941 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3951 Aeroflot, MAGON 0 Leningrad-Komendantskiy Airfield w/o
15-NOV-1941 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3927 Aeroflot, MAGON 0 Podborovye Airfield w/o
19-NOV-1941 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3955 Aeroflot 5 1 km SW of Leningrad-Komendantskiy Airfield w/o
29-NOV-1941 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3989 Aeroflot 1 Saratov Airport (RTW) w/o
30-NOV-1941 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3987 Aeroflot 36 Lake Ladoga w/o
06-DEC-1941 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3973 Aeroflot 0 near Saratov Airport (RTW) w/o
09-DEC-1941 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3922 Aeroflot 5 7 km N of Khvoinaya Airport w/o
21-DEC-1941 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3958 Aeroflot, MAGON 0 near Khvoinaya w/o
29-DEC-1941 Douglas DC-3-194B PK-ALN KNILM 0 Medan-Polonia Airport (MES) w/o
13-JAN-1942 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3438 Aeroflot 2 near Smelovka w/o
16-JAN-1942 Douglas DC-3-382 NC1946 TWA 22 53 km SW of Las Vegas, NV w/o
24-JAN-1942 Douglas DC-3-194C PK-AFW KNILM 0 near Samarinda, Dutch East Indies w/o
25-JAN-1942 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3479 Aeroflot 0 3,5 km SW of Molotov Airport (PEE) w/o
29-JAN-1942 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3905 Aeroflot w/o
  -JAN-1942 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3485 Aeroflot, MAGON w/o
  -JAN-1942 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3934 Aeroflot, MAGON w/o
04-FEB-1942 Douglas C-53-DO (DC-3) 41-20051 USAAF 0 Bathurst Island, NT w/o
26-FEB-1942 Douglas C-53 Skytrooper (DC-3) 41-20066 USAAF 0 10 km SW of Truscott, WA w/o
26-FEB-1942 Douglas DC-3-194B PK-AFZ KNILM 0 Tanjung Batu, Dutch East India w/o
02-MAR-1942 Douglas DC-3-313 NC21788 Pennsylvania-Central Airlines 0 Detroit City Airport, MI sub
03-MAR-1942 Douglas DC-3-194B PK-ALO KNILM 0 Broome Airport, WA (BME) w/o
03-MAR-1942 Douglas DC-3-194B PK-AFV KNILM 4 Carnot Bay, WA w/o
04-MAR-1942 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3471 Aeroflot 0 Gryadki w/o
04-MAR-1942 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3497 Aeroflot 0+2 Gryadki, Smolensk region ? w/o
04-MAR-1942 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3996 Aeroflot 2 Gryadki, Smolensk region ? w/o
10-MAR-1942 Douglas DC-3-270 NC21750 Pan Am 0 Khartoum-Civil Airport (KRT) w/o
22-MAR-1942 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3975 Aeroflot 6 near Medyn mis
  -MAR-1942 Douglas DC-3 (Nakajima L2D) J-BKOJ Imperial Japanese Airways off Taiwan w/o
15-APR-1942 Douglas DC-3A-269C NC25623 USAAF Unknown w/o
19-APR-1942 Douglas C-49H (DC-3-228) 42-38254 USAAF 20 Freetown-Hastings Airport (HGS) w/o
21-APR-1942 Douglas C-50A (DC-3-401) 41-7710 USAAF 10 km NNW of Fayetteville-Pope AAF, NC (POB) w/o
01-MAY-1942 Douglas DST-A-207A (DC-3) NC18146 United Airlines 17 6 km NE of Salt Lake City Municipal Airport, UT (SLC) dst
03-MAY-1942 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3980 Aeroflot 4 Vypolzovo, Kalinin Region w/o
06-MAY-1942 Douglas DC-3A-414 LR230 RAF 0 Myitkyina Airport (MYT) w/o
06-MAY-1942 Douglas C-49G (DC-3) LR231 RAF Myitkyina w/o
12-MAY-1942 Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3999 Aeroflot 27 w/o