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Last updated: 17 January 2022
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96 occurrences in the ASN safety database

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acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg    
07-JUL-1951 Piper PA-20 Pacer N6997K private 3 San Pedro, Antioquia w/o
13-AUG-1951 Piper PA-20 Pacer CR-ADF Aero Clube da Beira (ACB) Rio Búzi w/o
17-JUL-1953 Piper PA-20 Pacer CR-ADZ Sociedade Exploradora de Trabalhos Aéreos (SETA) 4 ca 20 km S of Nova Sofala w/o
19-JAN-1958 Piper PA-20 Pacer N.... private 3 1 mi S of Dayton, OH w/o
26-FEB-1958 Piper PA-20 Pacer PP-GPT Aero Club Brasil 4 Manguinhos,RJ w/o
28-MAY-1959 Piper PA-20-135 Pacer PH-NFE Aero-Beek 3 Beek,Maastricht w/o
03-JAN-1960 Piper PA-20 Pacer N6979K private 2 San Antonio, TX w/o
04-AUG-1962 Piper PA-20-135 Pacer D-EGSI private 3 near Kaprun w/o
01-FEB-1964 Piper PA-20 Pacer N4946M Non commercial 0 Glendo, Wyoming sub
29-FEB-1964 Piper PA-20 Pacer N7786K Non commercial 0 Mountains, Alaska sub
24-MAY-1964 Piper PA-20 N8043C Private 0 Greenville Me w/o
05-JUL-1964 Piper PA-20 N7063K Private 0 Shelby OH w/o
13-DEC-1964 Piper PA-20 N7091K 1 Batesville, Ms w/o
09-JAN-1965 Piper PA-20 N7459K 3 San Carlos, CA w/o
20-MAR-1965 Piper PA-20 N3584A 3 Johnson, KS w/o
21-MAR-1965 Piper PA-20 N7362K Chester C Dee 1 L.Clark Pass, AK w/o
28-MAR-1965 Piper PA-20 Pacer PP-... Aeroclube de Rio Claro 6 Piracicaba, SP w/o
26-MAY-1965 Piper PA-20 N1560A Private 0 Emporia KS w/o
12-JUN-1965 Piper PA-20 N7411K Private 0 Luzerne MI w/o
11-SEP-1965 Piper PA-20 N7752K Private 0 Lexington TX w/o
05-DEC-1965 Piper PA-20 N6899K Private 0 Barrow AK w/o
10-APR-1966 Piper PA-20 N7361K 3 North Collins, NY w/o
20-MAY-1966 Piper PA-20 N7095K 1 San FillipI sub
25-JUL-1966 Piper PA-20 N6930K Clifford Ronald Lowe 3 near Glide, OR w/o
02-AUG-1966 Piper PA-20 N7006K Private 0 Port Alswort AK w/o
05-AUG-1966 Piper PA-20 N7602K 2 near Kingsdown, KS w/o
26-JAN-1967 Piper PA-20 N2245A Private 0 Kenai, AK w/o
25-AUG-1967 Piper PA-20 Pacer PT-ASE private 0 Recife, PE w/o
30-SEP-1967 Piper PA-20 N7741K Coastwise Avia 0 Belford, NJ w/o
12-AUG-1968 Piper PA-20S N716SA Private 0 Talkeetna, AK w/o
20-SEP-1968 Piper PA-20 N7755K Private 0 near Nabesna, AK w/o
19-MAY-1969 Piper PA-20 N7604K 1 Milwaukee, WI w/o
11-JUL-1969 Piper PA-20 N7375K Sunset Drive I 1 Penrose, CO w/o
15-NOV-1969 Piper PA-20 N7015K 1 Woodbridge, VA w/o
06-JUL-1970 Piper PA-20 N1564A 1 Mikado, MI w/o
12-JUL-1970 Piper PA-20 N7088K 2 near Mullen, Nb w/o
20-NOV-1971 Piper PA-20 N7630K Private 0 Washougal, OR w/o
08-OCT-1972 Piper PA-20 N1556A Private 0 Hampden, Me w/o
04-FEB-1973 Piper PA-20 N7698K 2+4 Cooper Ldg, AK w/o
18-SEP-1973 Piper PA-20 N7666K 2 Oakesdale, WA w/o
21-DEC-1974 Piper PA-20-125 Pacer D-EHEN private 0 w/o
13-FEB-1975 Piper PA-20 N7691K 3 Drain, OR w/o
18-FEB-1975 Piper PA-20 N7056K 1 Ramona, CA w/o
14-SEP-1975 Piper PA-20 N6965K 2 near Talkeetna, AK w/o
21-NOV-1975 Piper PA-20 N7427K 1 Lighthouse Pt, FL w/o
17-JUN-1977 Piper PA-20 N1507A 1 Onida, Sd w/o
07-MAR-1978 Piper PA-20 N7151 1 near Trading Bay, AK w/o
28-OCT-1978 Piper PA-20 N2411A 3 near Joseph, OR w/o
21-APR-1979 Piper PA-20 N189N 2 Tulsa, OK w/o
19-MAY-1979 Piper PA-20 N7798K Private 0 Radium, KS w/o
15-NOV-1979 Piper PA-20 N9710D 1 N Palmer, AK sub
26-NOV-1980 Piper PA-20 N7453K 3 N East Berlin, PA w/o
05-SEP-1982 Piper PA-20 N6957K Dick Nash 2 Kenai, AK w/o
13-AUG-1985 Piper PA-20-125 N7372K Stewart Eames 4 Culpeper, VA w/o
20-OCT-1985 Piper PA-20 N1403C private 0 Ely, NV w/o
31-MAY-1986 Piper PA-20-160 N5394Z Four Wheel Deals 1 Buena Vista, CO sub
28-JUN-1986 Piper PA-20 N6910K Gary Kent Watson 0 Tolsona Lake, AK w/o
27-AUG-1987 Piper PA-20 N6901K private 1 Chelan, WA w/o
05-SEP-1988 Piper PA-20 N7791K private 2 Claypool, IN w/o
20-AUG-1989 Piper PA-20 Pacer G-BHMO Private 0 Little Gransden Airfield, Fullers Hill Farm, Sandy, Bedfordshire w/o contains link to final investigation report
29-AUG-1989 Piper PA-20 N2841P private 2 Moose Lake, MN w/o
21-JUL-1991 Piper PA-20 N7066K private 2 Ione, WA w/o
16-AUG-1992 Piper PA-20-135 N1974A private 2 Fort Bidwell, CA w/o
20-SEP-1994 Piper PA-20 N7061K Glenn Playter 1 Greenville, MI sub
12-APR-1998 Piper PA-20 N2336A private 2 Beaver Falls, PA w/o
19-SEP-1998 Piper PA-20-180 Pacer N6028D Aero Ads 0 Thornton, CO w/o
12-NOV-2000 Piper PA-20 N1594A 0 GREAT FALLS, Montana sub contains link to final investigation report
16-NOV-2000 Piper PA-20 N2186A 0 ONTARIO, Oregon sub contains link to final investigation report
10-MAY-2001 Piper PA-20 Pacer CF-RRU Private 0 Stanhope, Ontario min
11-FEB-2004 Piper PA-20 N2634A Private 0 West Ossipee, NH sub contains link to final investigation report
24-FEB-2004 Piper PA-20 N7321K Private 0 Laurel, MT sub contains link to final investigation report
29-APR-2004 Piper PA-20 N7631K Private 0 North Bend, WA sub contains link to final investigation report
23-JUN-2004 Piper PA-20 N699DS Private 0 Deer Park Airport, Deer Park, Washington sub contains link to final investigation report
14-SEP-2005 Piper PA-20 Pacer C-FEBV Private 0 Hines Lake, Newfoundland sub
16-SEP-2005 Piper PA-20-150 Pacer ZS-CCX Starlite Aviation 0 Virginia Airfield, Durban, KZN min
09-AUG-2007 Piper PA-20-150 Pacer ZS-CCX To the right of runway 31 at Syferfontein Aerodrome contains link to final investigation report
02-AUG-2008 Piper PA-20 N7635K 0 Grass Valley, CA sub contains link to final investigation report
31-MAY-2010 Piper PA-20 Pacer N7013K Private 0 Nelson Road, west of the Midway, Nelson, CA sub contains link to final investigation report
25-MAR-2011 Piper PA-20 Pacer N7746K Private 1 Near Elgin, SC sub contains link to final investigation report
02-FEB-2012 Piper PA-20-135 Pacer ZS-LHG Angels Way Trust 0 Near Angels Way Farm airstrip, Eston w/o contains link to final investigation report
13-APR-2012 Piper PA-20 Pacer N7001K Jersey Devil Dusters Llc 0 Cross Keys Airport - 17N, Cross Key, Gloucester County, NJ sub contains link to final investigation report
23-DEC-2013 Piper PA-20 N7069K Private 0 Platinum, AK, US sub contains link to final investigation report
14-JUL-2014 Piper PA-20-135 Pacer G-BUOI Private 0 Auxerre–Branches Airfield - LFLA sub
08-NOV-2014 Piper PA-20 Pacer N7740K Private 0 Lewiston-Nez Perce County Airport (KLWS), Lewiston, ID min
13-FEB-2016 Piper PA-20 Pacer N7653K Private 0 Near Dayton, OH non
18-DEC-2017 Piper PA-20 Pacer N1562A Private 0 Willow, AK sub contains link to final investigation report
16-JUN-2018 Piper PA-20 Pacer N11YB Private 0 East Sound, WA sub contains link to final investigation report
14-JUL-2018 Piper PA-20 N7492K Gateway Tailwheel Club LLC 0 Dayton, OH sub contains link to final investigation report
15-DEC-2018 Piper PA-20-150 Pacer N3010Z Private 0 Albany International Airport (KALB), Albany, NY min
06-MAY-2019 Piper PA-20 N7046K Private 0 Canandaigua, NY sub contains link to final investigation report
12-JUL-2019 Piper PA-20 Pacer N7409K Private 0 Hamilton, MT sub contains link to final investigation report
26-APR-2020 Piper PA-20 Pacer N1598A Private 0 Colorado Springs, CO sub contains link to final investigation report
18-AUG-2020 Piper PA-20 Pacer N1526A Christianson Lake Rentals & Maintenance LLC 0 Talkeetna, AK sub
31-AUG-2020 Piper PA-20-135 Pacer N7323K Private 1 Shenandoah National Park, east of Luray, VA w/o
09-JAN-2021 Piper PA-20 Pacer C-FTBT Private 0 NW of Archerwill, SK sub
08-APR-2021 Piper PA-20-180 Pacer ZK-PAL Ardmore Taildraggers Inc 0 Ardmore Airport, Auckland min