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Piper PA-23 Aztec
  Silhouette image of generic model; specific model in this crash may look slightly different   Piper PA-23 Aztec
 First flight: 1959
 2 Piston engines
804 occurrences in the ASN safety database; showing occurrence 1 - 100

acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg    
29-NOV-1960 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N4596P Wurlitzer Co 3 Lake Michigan, IL w/o
08-JAN-1961 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec D-IBAD w/o
24-SEP-1961 Piper PA-23 Aztec 201 Fuerza Aérea Ecuatoriana 6 near Santa Ana w/o
12-DEC-1962 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec LV-HMX Aircom SA 4 near 9 de Julio, BA w/o
  -   -1962 Piper PA-23-250 CF-NEW Salt Point, Manitoba
28-APR-1963 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec G-ASCR Private 0 Worlebury Hill, Worlebury, Somerset w/o
16-MAY-1963 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec G-ARFR British Executive Air Services 2 near Saint Héand, St. Etienne, Loire, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes w/o
20-JUL-1963 Piper PA-23 Aztec N.... Texas Continental Life Insurance 2 22 mi from Puerto Isabel, TX w/o
18-FEB-1964 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N5121Y Christian Pilot Association (Miami Wing) Inc 0 Reading Regional Airport, Reading, Pennsylvania w/o
20-FEB-1964 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N4743P Non commercial 0 Alexandria, Minnesota sub
24-FEB-1964 Piper PA-23-250 CF-EAC Bethlehem Copper Mine Airstrip, BC
02-MAR-1964 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N4597P Commercial 0 San Antonio, Texas sub
09-MAR-1964 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N4818P Commercial 0 Fannine Field, Idaho Falls, Idaho sub
11-MAR-1964 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N4506P Non commercial 0 Wheeling Airport, Wheeling, Illinois sub
22-MAY-1964 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec B N5211Y Coastal States Aviation 7 43 mi SE of Ciudad Victoria, TAM w/o
05-AUG-1964 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N5485Y E W Wiggins Airways Inc 2 E Falmouth, MA w/o
20-JAN-1965 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N5585Y J & J Aircraft Inc 1 Atlantic Ocean, off coast of Florida w/o
19-FEB-1965 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N4827P American Management Association 1 Delancey, NY w/o
27-MAR-1965 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N5327Y Private 3 near Drewry, AL w/o
15-APR-1965 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N5482Y King Air Inc 1 Millville, PA w/o
16-MAY-1965 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N5725Y Aviation Services International Inc 1 near Gander, NL w/o
29-JUN-1965 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N5253Y New Havne Airways Inc 0 New Haven CT w/o
06-JUL-1965 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N5382Y American Air Taxi Inc 1 Missing, Key West to Miami, Florida mis
15-JUL-1965 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N4536P Broome County Aviation Inc 1 Jersey City, Nj w/o
04-AUG-1965 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N4778P French Oil Mill Machinery Co 2 Union Bridge, Md w/o
27-AUG-1965 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec SE-ECA Nyge Aero 1 Ocean nw off Gotland w/o
20-SEP-1965 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N5759Y Dewan Dairy Inc 1 Glen Burnie Md. w/o
12-NOV-1965 Piper PA-23-235 N4970P Raleigh Eagle Coal Co 1 near Covington, VA w/o
18-NOV-1965 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec D-IDSH w/o
22-JAN-1966 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec G-ARYG Strathallan Air Services Ltd t/a Strathair 1 Craig Dunian Hill, near Inverness, Invernesshire w/o
08-MAY-1966 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N5823Y Berness Herbert 4 Indian Head, near Connellsville, Fayette County, PA w/o
16-JUN-1966 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec C N5628Y W.Lee Pryor & Elmer F.Layden Jr. 1+2 Over Wolf Lake VOR - OLK. w/o
28-JUN-1966 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N5350Y Safair Flying Service Inc 0 Hasbrouck Hght NJ w/o
27-JUL-1966 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N5749Y Private 1 Hayward, Alameda County, California w/o
31-JUL-1966 Piper PA-23-235 N4941P Private 4 Atlantic City, Nj w/o
09-AUG-1966 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec F-RBQB Armée de l'Air 6 Off Fangataufa Atoll w/o
27-AUG-1966 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N5951Y Jack Goodman/G & G Construction Company 3 Lake Michigan, between Springfield (Illinois) and Detroit (Michigan) w/o
23-NOV-1966 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N4562P Private 4 Lewisburg, PA w/o
06-JAN-1967 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N4652P Aviation Servi 1 Atlantic Ocean w/o
19-JAN-1967 Piper PA-23-235 N4925P Air Inc 2 San Mateo, CA w/o
01-MAR-1967 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N5868Y Orts Inc 1 Oldtown, Md w/o
30-APR-1967 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N8888 Unique Leather Refinishing 2 Hershey, PA w/o
13-JUN-1967 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N5604Y New Haven Airways Inc 2 Tannersville, NY w/o
30-JUN-1967 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N6354Y Safair Flying Service Inc 0 W.Milford, NJ w/o
18-JUL-1967 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec C PP-ETT Govérno do Estado do Ceará 5 Mondubim, Fortaleza, CE w/o
13-SEP-1967 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec PI-C766 private 6 Province Cotabato w/o
03-OCT-1967 Piper PA-23 Aztec LV-GTL Aerotransporte Pilagá SRL 5 Río Paraná, BA w/o
11-OCT-1967 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec ? PP-APR Táxis Aéreos Reta 1 Londrina w/o
13-NOV-1967 Piper PA-23 Aztec XB-TIE private 4 Atizapán, MEX w/o
24-NOV-1967 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N6106Y Shenandoah Valley Leasing Corp 0 Sandston, Va w/o
04-DEC-1967 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N5853Y Sonora Aviation Inc 1 near Reno, NV w/o
18-DEC-1967 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N5691Y Webster Martin Inc 0 Winooski, VT w/o
01-JAN-1968 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N594P Porter Machine Co Corp 0 Bullhead Cty, AZ w/o
09-FEB-1968 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N5877Y Command Airways Inc 3 Wappngrs Falls, NY w/o
07-MAR-1968 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N5427Y Blackfoot Flying Service 1 near Cascade, Id w/o
21-JUN-1968 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N5355Y Private 1 New Bern, NC w/o
07-JUL-1968 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N5694Y Red Aircraft Service Inc 4 near Ft Lauderdale, FL w/o
28-JUL-1968 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N5980Y Private 4+4 Wyandanch, NY w/o
27-SEP-1968 Piper PA-23 Aztec LV-SHL Shell 4 near Coronda, Santa Fe w/o
15-OCT-1968 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N6515Y S M B Stage Lines Inc 1 Colby, KS w/o
07-NOV-1968 Piper PA-23-235 N4946P Private 4 Churchville, PA w/o
13-NOV-1968 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N4877P Ross Aviation* 1 Cheyenne, WY w/o
18-NOV-1968 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N5943Y Private 1 Charlottesvlle, VA w/o
12-DEC-1968 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N4878P Illinois Aircr 1 near Chicago, IL w/o
20-DEC-1968 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N5721Y private 2 SE shore of Lake Okeechobee, FL w/o
09-JAN-1969 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec C D-IBOP 0 w/o
17-JAN-1969 Piper PA-23-250C Aztec HK-1303 Aerolineas Torcorama (Aviotor) 5 Páramo de la Paz, Sartinata w/o
18-JAN-1969 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N6055Y Sonora Aviation Inc 1 Sparks, NV w/o
20-JAN-1969 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec G-ASTE Northair Aviation Ltd 2 Yeadon Cemetery, Cemetery Road, Yeadon, West Yorkshire w/o
05-FEB-1969 Piper PA-23 Aztec N5230Y Suburban Airli 1 Middletown, Nj w/o
06-FEB-1969 Piper PA-23-250B Aztec CR-AHX Transportes Aéreos Moçambique (TAM) 0 Vila Cabral w/o
24-FEB-1969 Piper PA-23 Aztec PT-... private 4 Cariazu w/o
12-MAR-1969 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec C D-IERG Reichenberg/Würzburg-Land w/o
29-MAR-1969 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N6116Y Metropolitan Air Services Inc 6 Between Atlantic City and Teterboro, New Jersey w/o
27-MAY-1969 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec C CC-ETA Carabineros de Chile 5 Sierra Nevada w/o
11-JUN-1969 Piper PA-23 Aztec N237PS Pacific Airlines 3 Lebec, CA w/o
22-JUL-1969 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec B N5246Y Private 0 Newton, Iowa w/o
31-JUL-1969 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec D N6708Y 0 Iola, WI sub
16-SEP-1969 Piper PA-23 Aztec N6265Y American Motor 1 Wake Forest, NC w/o
20-SEP-1969 Piper PA-23 Aztec N6834Y Louisville Flying Service Inc 2 Seneca Rocks, Pendleton County, West Virginia w/o
20-SEP-1969 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec C N463CC Capitol Broadc 0 Elliot, IL sub
28-SEP-1969 Piper PA-23 Aztec N6602Y S.H.Evert Comp 5 Warren, Vt w/o
06-OCT-1969 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec B VH-AVJ Private 2 Wongrabry Station, QLD w/o contains link to final investigation report
10-DEC-1969 Piper PA-23 Aztec N5090Y Aroostook Air* 3 Passadumkeag,Me w/o
11-DEC-1969 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec PP-EUA Secretaria de Transportes da Bahia 6 Jacobina (JCM), BA w/o
19-DEC-1969 Piper PA-23 Aztec N4723P Jim Hankins Ai 4 Norwood, LA w/o
20-DEC-1969 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec B VH-CSB Crowley Airways 1 Near Yalumet, Morobe Province mis
11-JAN-1970 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N6661Y Private 0 Bay Minette, AL w/o
23-JAN-1970 Piper PA-23 Aztec N123LF Max Conrad 0 Amundsen-Scott Station sub
28-JAN-1970 Piper PA-23 Aztec HR-268 private 2 Talamanca area w/o
07-FEB-1970 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec B N5114Y Indiana Airmot 1 Holland, In w/o
19-FEB-1970 Piper PA-23 Aztec N5174Y 1 Fairview, PA w/o
02-MAR-1970 Piper PA-23 Aztec N5927Y Ross Aviation 1 Sunnyside, Ut w/o
14-MAR-1970 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec N4512P Marco Chemical Co 0 Lufkin, TX w/o
30-MAR-1970 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec C 5H-MNO Tim Air 6 Mafi Hill near Mombo w/o
30-APR-1970 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec VH-RTG Murchison Air Services Pty Ltd 0 Yakabindie Station, WA sub contains link to final investigation report
07-MAY-1970 Piper PA-23-250B Aztec PI-C776 4+13 Manila w/o
11-MAY-1970 Piper PA-23 Aztec TI-1033 Aerovías Puntarenas (APSA) 0 Puntarenas sub
14-MAY-1970 Piper PA-23 Aztec TI-1070-L Standard Fruit Co 0 Limón w/o
20-MAY-1970 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec C VH-COB STOL Commuters 9 Gurney, Milne Bay Province w/o

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